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Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag + Charging Tablet, Phone, eReader , BackPack - UVIYO
Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag + Charging Tablet, Phone, eReader , BackPack - UVIYO
Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag + Charging Tablet, Phone, eReader , BackPack - UVIYO
Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag + Charging Tablet, Phone, eReader , BackPack - UVIYO
Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag + Charging Tablet, Phone, eReader , BackPack - UVIYO


Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag + Charging Tablet, Phone, eReader

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Best Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag + Built-In 16,000 mAh Battery

Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Carrying Bag | Fits all Tablets up to 10.1" Inch (iPad, Galaxy, Pixel etc.) |  includes 3 USB Ports

  • 10.1" Inch Tablet Carrying Bag
  • NRGTAB Tablet Bag Made from the High-Quality Water-Resistant Polyester
  • Built-In 16,000mAh Battery - Use your Tablet, Phone, eReader in the long distance and don't worry about the Battery Life.
  • Multiple Device Charging Tablet Shoulder Bag with Strap
  • Intelligent Power LED Indicator
  • 1-External USB Port | 2-Internal USB Ports
  • Ghostek NRGTAB Tablet Messenger Bag Dimension: 22" x 5.5" x 27"
  • 1-Year Warranty Exchange On This Product.
  • We ship & deliver to ALL countries - Locally within USA and Internationally (Worldwide) - no matter if you're from: United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand, Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, Philippines, Switzerland, India, Italy, Belgium, Finland, Norway, Spain, Russia, Thailand, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, or ANY OTHER COUNTRY, we WILL SHIP YOU THE PRODUCT.


Story Behind Our Rechargeable GHOSTEK NRGTab Tablet Charging Messenger Bag | UVIYO Charging Backpacks Series

Finally! A Messenger Bag and Battery Charge All in One – The Ghostek NRGTab

Now your messenger bag can be more than just an attractive accessory. With the Ghostek NRGTab – it can charge your devices on-the-go too!  Effortlessly charge your tablet, mobile phone, e-reader and more all in one convenient, comfortable, and easy-to-carry package. 

Comfortable and Water Resistant

This durable & charging tablet messenger bag is made with high quality, water resistant polyester, which effortlessly repels rain, splashes and spills while looking great.  Who says you can’t combine style and substance? With the NRGTab tablet bag and battery charger, you’ll get form and function in an attractive and sleek black design.

This convenient shoulder bag goes where you go with an attached strap that makes it easy for you to adjust it to fit your needs comfortably. No more fumbling with chargers and cords and hogging up valuable outlet space. Now you can charge multiple devices including tablets, laptops, notebooks and e-readers right inside your NRGTab messenger bag.

Best On The Market Tablet Charging Messenger Bag

Forget about an excess strain on your back from heavy laptop bags. University students love the Ghostek NRGTab because of its durable, streamlined design and the fact that it holds all your digital devices with plenty of room to spare. Need something lightweight that keeps your mobile gear charged? Now you don’t have to fumble for chargers or cords – the Ghostek NRGTab is the tablet messenger bag that carries, protects and charges, all in one.

Plenty of Ports for All Your Digital Devices

The stunning, innovative design of the NRGTab Tablet Charging Messenger Bag goes beyond just comfort and style.  It also contains two internal USB charging ports and one external USB port. Plug in your iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel and more – it fits any tablet up to 10.1 inches – including many of the latest models. Why just buy a tablet messenger bag when you can have a tablet, mobile phone and e-reader charger all in one?

Your new tablet bag measures a large and spacious 22” x 5.5” x 27” – plenty of space to hold a tablet, a mobile phone and an e-reader. Put all your digital devices right within reach and still have room for stuff!  The perfect tablet messenger bag for students, busy executives or anyone who wants to keep resource-intensive devices charged quickly and easily.

Charge On-The-Go with a Rechargeable & Powerful Built-In Battery

One of the most powerful features of this versatile laptop bag is its built-in battery.  With a powerful 16,000 mAh battery, don’t be surprised if you forget what a low battery indicator looks like! This unique messenger bag is perfect for busy executives, university students, or anyone who travels long distances but still wants to keep all their favorite devices on-hand and fully charged.

Don’t be surprised if your friends and coworkers ask you about your innovative new laptop bag!  While they’re fumbling for chargers or tangled up in cords, you’ll be relaxed and easygoing because you came prepared. 

And the NRGTab is affordable too! Thanks to exclusive discounts from Ghostek and UVIYO, you can order this sturdy, durable messenger bag risk-free – then sit back and relax as it easily charges all your mobile devices. No charger? No problem! More than just a charging backpack, now you can keep your devices ready to go at a moment’s notice with a powerful battery charger that goes where you go.

Worldwide Shipping and 1 Year Warranty Exchange

One of the best reasons to own this innovative charger laptop bag is our full one year warranty exchange. Use your bag to the fullest – traveling, at school, at work or at play. If for any reason it becomes damage during the first year, just let us know and we’ll send you a replacement. It’s our commitment to your complete satisfaction, and you’ll only find a warranty like this at UVIYO.

What’s more, we can deliver your new tablet messenger bag direct to your door no matter where you live. We ship across the U.S. and around the world. Now, no matter where you live, you can enjoy comfortable, water resistant battery charging for your devices on the go.  Order today risk free and get the most innovative tablet messenger bag and charger combo on the market. Why settle for a laptop bag when you can have a laptop bag that keeps all your stuff fully charged?

See why so many customers love their new laptop charging bag. Buy the Ghostek NRGTab messenger bag/charger combo with confidence from UVIYO.

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