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Stylo 4 case

Did not have any screen protector

Case is great

I love my new case. The shipping was a little wonky my order was mixed up and stated that it arruved 10days before it actually did.

Iron armor case Lg stylo 4

Decent case. Real easy to put the phone into. All of the holes for the charger and headphones and stuff are all cut right and placed correctly. Even with the front cover with the belt clip it is still slim enough. I would not recommend this case if you want a good kickstand. The kickstand itself is pretty thin amd is only held in place on the inside by a paperclip thick metal clip which is held in place by a thin piece of material that is looped out from the back cover. Think paperclip holding paperclip. Be careful opening the kickstand or you might rip it off accidentally. I did not get this case for the kickstand though. The glass screen that comes with it is solid, but it has the black around the edge so if you mess up when you put it on, then part of your screen is going to be covered. Keep the screen on when you are putting the glass on so you can see if you are messing up or not. Would have given it a 5 star if the glass screen was completely see through. Took about a week to come in, even with paying the expedited shipping.