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Top 5 Mobile Phone Waterproof Cases You Have to See to Believe

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Top 5 Mobile Phone Waterproof Cases You Have to See to Believe

Top 5 Mobile Phone Waterproof Cases You Have to See to Believe. 

It’s no secret that mobile phones have advanced by leaps and bounds in terms of technology. But with our busy daily lives, a new problem quickly became apparent – phones were being accidentally dropped in sinks and puddles, and damaging them beyond repair.  Thankfully, manufacturers like Ghostek have perfected the waterproof case to be impervious to liquid as well as falling damage that can crack screens.  Here are our top 5 picks for waterproof cases for nearly any type of mobile device

Galaxy S7 Waterproof Case


The Galaxy S7 Waterproof case provided by UVIYO CASES provides easy access to buttons and screen in a way that won’t affect the touch screen or volume while providing easy continued access to speakers, microphone and camera. The unique Ghostek Atomic 2.0 case features strong aluminum alloy bumpers to help protect your phone and give it a non-slip grip.

Galaxy S7 Edge Waterproof Case


The slim, visually-stunning S7 Edge waterproof case cradles your Galaxy S7 Edge in sleek aluminum alloy casing while the polycarbonate film seals the screen without muffling or dampening the vivid color. With full seal ability, your Galaxy S7 Edge waterproof case will provide you with consistent durability against water, dust, snow and mud. Its reliable casing is also shockproof to help prevent damage from dropping.

Galaxy Note 5 Waterproof Case


The sleek Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Galaxy Note 5 Waterproof Case is everything you need to keep your digital life and data safe, while giving you easy access to all the buttons you need to keep life going no matter what life (or the weather) throws your way. Rainproof, dust-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof, the Galaxy Note 5 Waterproof case from Ghostek is provided to you with a 100% refund and replacement guarantee from UVIYO.


Apple iPhone 6/6s Waterproof Case


If you’re the proud owner of an Apple iPhone 6 or 6s, you’ll know having a waterproof case is high on your list of must-haves. The Apple iPhone 6 or 6s Waterproof Case by Ghostek comes in a sturdy, solid polycarbonate shell with rubber bumpers to prevent shock damage. With its attached HD clear screen scratch guard, you’ll get the vivid images you love along with the functionality you need – no more hidden buttons or cumbersome adjustments to your waterproof case.  Works beautifully with your Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s

Apple iPhone 6/6s Plus Waterproof Case


Keep your Apple iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus safe from dirt, scratches, drops and of course water with the incredibly durable Apple iPhone Waterproof case from Ghostek.  Tested for up to 10 minutes in 1 meter deep water, you can go dirt biking, snow-skiing or even jog in the rain with the confidence that your phone stays protected.

Discover the many different colors of waterproof cases available exclusively through UVIYO and find the color that fits your style and personality – all with the dependable protection and water-tight fit of Ghostek, a brand that’s committed to quality and superior craftsmanship.

Additionally, UVIYO presents the next generation of Atomic 3 cases by UVIYO.

Author: Ricky D. McKim

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Good case phone will last inside this case.

So far so good holds phone fast tight and waterproof Better than the lifeprof case I had before. Appears to be heavier build. Closing covers over plug in and headphone appear to be of better quality.
I like the clear back so I can see my phone color. Overall the best case I have ever owned. Better than the otter box and the life prof. But this is just my thoughts much lower cost. As and they communicate with there customers. I ordered two cases before the phone had been released. They let me know only one color was in. And it would be two to four weeks before the other colors were were in. As and did I want to change my order. As my wife and I are handicapped and drop them all the time of course we will take any color who cares. They did get them to us straight away. So far my experience has been above average. New company for me but will stick around and use them again. A+


Fabulous phone never runs flat compatability with everything I use at work and the solar cell is brilliant too waterproof too recommend this product to anyone

Superb casing for my note 8

Worth for the money!

Broken Phone

The camera lens of my pixel 2 broke after dropping it in this case.

Amazing case.

Best case I have for my Pixel 2.