How to protect your phone with waterproof case? - Tech

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How to protect your phone with waterproof case? - Tech

How to protect your phone with waterproof case? Technology Explained

Have you ever wondered how a water resistant or waterproof cases work? There’s actually a lot of technology that goes into making a true waterproof case and different technology often provides different benefits for your smartphone.

If you’re looking for a water resistant or waterproof smartphone case then it’s understandable that you’d like to know how each case may work to protect your device. In this article we’ve gone into detail to explain how waterproof cases work to keep your devices safe. Read up on the information below and you’ll be sure to know what to look for when shopping for cases online or in-store.


How Do Most Waterproof Cases Work And Protect Your Phone?

Most waterproof cases for smartphones are graded by a system that tests their waterproof and dust-proof limits. This system is named the Ingress protection rating, or IP rating for short. You may recognize ratings like ‘IP-67’ or ‘IP-68’ from some waterproof smartphones and this rating is used for cases as well.

The first number is used to scale the protection of a product or device against solids - this could include anything from large tools to small dust particles. Nearly every well-built case will offer a number 6 on this scale, which means full protection against dust.

The most important number is the second one - in most durable cases, we’ll see 6, 7 or 8. This second number is used to scale the protection of a device against liquids. This is essentially the waterproof rating you’ll want to watch out for. An IP rating of 7 is great for standard water protection, this will get you protection against immersion between 15cm and 1M. However, if you want full protection, it would be best to look for a rating of 8. This will offer protection against greater depths of water for longer periods of time.

For example, the UVIYO Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Model is an upgraded variant of the original Atomic 1.0, which had a rating of IP-68. The 2.0 has all sorts of technology to ensure the smartphone remains waterproof. We’ll use the Uviyo Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Series below to explain exactly how certain technology is used to achieve a IP-68 rating.


How Does the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Model by UVIYO Work?

Besides the technology used to provide extra durability, grip and drop protection for your device, the uviyo ghostek waterproof case uses air-tight seals to provide waterproof protection for a variety of smartphones.

The air-tight seals are accomplished by providing owners of this case with rubber covers that can be used to seal up the headphone jack and charging port for the smartphone the case is attached to. The rest of the case components come together to provide liquid and dust protection for the smartphone exterior. A strong aluminium frame is also added as a core frame to protect the smartphone and the case and it ensures that no drops will cause any damage that could potentially lead to holes or gaps for water to leak through.

By using this method, Atomic 2.0 case achieves a reliable IP-68 certification and it also offers further protection for drops, shock and scratches.

Can the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 Protect your Smartphone?

The UVIYO ghostek atomic 2.0 waterproof case isn’t available for all smartphones but there are many devices that the case does cover. Currently the Atomic 2.0 can protect the cases provided below. If you’re interested to learn more about the case or would like to purchase the Atomic 2.0 for your own smartphone, click on the corresponding links to find out the specific details for your device.

Ghostek Atomic 2.0 for Samsung -

Ghostek Atomic 2.0 for Apple -


Alternatively, click here to see a variety of waterproof cases for all smartphones.


Author: Ricky D. McKim, Technology Expert

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