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ToGather App - The fastest way to create an event!

They claim they are the easiest and fastest way to create an event, which is what all millennials are about, right? Millennials want things that are quick and only take a few moments of their time! I can tell you first hand, is that ToGather is the perfect event-planning app for anybody, but especially millennials. 

When I first downloaded the ToGather app, I was struck by how sleek the interface is and how well everything flowed. The great thing that caught me off guard was that ToGather also has more features than just creating an event, and so looking at it at first glance I was slightly confused, but after playing around with it for a minute you get it, and you realize how cool and functional the app really is! This is an event oriented app, which means that you can just download the app for yourself and use it as you would a game like Candy Crush, but it is more of a social networking app so the more friends and family you have on there the better. 

I have used Facebook, and my calendar on my iPhone to create events before, and have of course use group chat, but those don't operate the same as ToGather; Facebook is a great tool, but you can do so much on Facebook, and it has expanded so much that the last thing I want to do is create an event on Facebook as well, ToGather brings in a fresh clean look for creating a hangout or any kind of event with all of my closest friends. 

Of course there are other similar app that exist, but none that I have seen or come across even come close to ToGather mixed in with all its features and clean interface design, it is really a tough app to beat for events. After I downloaded and told all my friends to download, we have stopped using group text and other event planning tools, such as Facebook, etc. because ToGather is so easy and efficient to use. 

The ToGather app is free as well right now (not sure if they plan on charging in the future) but I would take advantage of the opportunity while it is still free. Remember to tell your friends to download as well so you can start planning events with your friends, whether it is just a group dinner, or movie night, or even a brand launch party or cocktail party. ToGather is for YOU!

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