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The Best Tools to Keep, Share, Sell or Buy Data

Information is power, who owns more information has more influence on the market and makes the bigger profit. To get more information, companies started to buy and sell data, and get more in touch with social media. Data gatherers and data brokers are developing. Social media websites are collecting masses of data all the time. What happens to all that data? This article is going to help us see a bigger picture.

Data sharing - the future of spreading knowledge?

What is data sharing and how it works?

In order to keep the public information available to everyone, data set social networks and apps have emerged. Dataset social networks and apps offer data people the opportunity to collaborate and contribute to common good.

Having information just for yourself can keep you away from progress and often lead you to a dead end. As a result, it’s better to keep all the information public and collaborate so that your project could reach success.

Data sharing practically allows data people to share their knowledge and public info. This kind of networking helps the improvement of economic, medical, ecological and every other aspect of everyday life. In the long run, people collaborating on different projects, sharing information and creating a community that helps all of us.

In this article, we’ll review some of the best data set networks and apps. We’ll see how they work and what features they offer.

Data.world social network

Picture: Official webpage screenshot

Data.world is a social network for data people. There are no membership fees for those who want to become members of this social network. In other words, all of you data people can sign up for free.

This website provides you with millions of data sets you can use for any of your projects. It also allows you to upload your datasets and list them as public or private. If you choose your data set to be private, it will be available only to you. The only way other people get access to your data set is if you list them as your project members.

When you upload to data.world, you can name your data set source and data source license type.

Data.world has a user-friendly interface and is pretty easy to use. Finding and analyzing data is also easy, giving that you know what you’re after. In brief, you can pick up data from different data sets, put that data together and make a change. And not just any change, you can change a whole aspect of any given field. Data.world allows you and people around the world to create a harmony of data out of the chaos of data sets.

Here data users can clean data from different data sets, add annotations, comment or prepare graphical solutions. This helps you to find the data you need and put it to use. In essence, it’s not just for you, it’s for everyone.


This is yet another great platform for data sharing. All your data people are free to join and set into the world of collaborating data analyzing and processing. Datazar is proud of their simple and user-friendly concept. It gets down to simply query a topic and get all the related public data and projects. The results may vary from single files to full projects.

Once you get the data you need, you can do your research and contribute with your own data. Or you can simply start your own projects and contribute with data sets of your own.

There are six pillars that make the backbone Datazar:

  • Collect and collaborate - which means that you are free to collect all public data and collaborate on projects. This gives you the ability to organize your data and keep others informed of your research.
  • Explore and inquire - gives you absolute freedom to research and query any topic and get access to available data.
  • Discuss and decide - Talk about your research and interests with other collaborators. You can share ideas and insights to improve your research.
  • Analyze and visualize - This means that you are able to log all the steps of your research by adding graphics, analytical data, and more. This way others could keep track of how you got your results. Also, it helps you see how other people did their work and what you can take from it.
  • Finalize and publish - Give your entire team full access to your research. Also, share your progress with others. This way others can use your work to complete their own projects. It’s all about helping each other out.
  • Share and track - See how many people used your research. See how your research helps others to make progress. Become a part of something greater.


Buy Data - Sell your product using social media user information

How data buying works?

If you have a product and you want to increase your sales, data buying is the most efficient way. For instance, all social media websites gather user information and preferences, all the time. Sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Google+ are allowed to sell that information because of their terms and agreements. These websites sell that information to data gather sites and they sell it to business clients.

In short, every time a Facebook user clicks an advertisement this information goes to the Facebook database. This information can be used for further analysis or sold to data gatherers. And, as a final result, you get to buy information. This helps you improve your sales by getting direct access to those people who are your target customers.

DataWallet Business

This is a data market platform that connects business to a customer using social media data. All data is gathered ethically. In short, there are no illegal data schemes or identity thefts. DataWallet Business has direct access to 100% of consumer data from largest social media websites.

The whole system works in series of simple steps. Those steps are series of complicated data analysis and algorithms that use social media data.

  • Audience generation-This gives you an insight of your audience. You can analyze your audience demographics, income, sex, age, education etc… For example, you can compare your audience to your competitors or different businesses.
  • Cluster Segmentation-Allows you to cluster your audience. It groups your customers in different categories and gives you the insight to each of them. For example, each target individual gets an inappropriate cluster, depending on data collected. To better understand clusters, DattaWallet has a graphing tool that visually presents different clusters.
  • Persona exploration-In short, it allows you to understand what a specific type of customers. Their needs, what they respond well to and what interests them.
  • Lookalike targeting-This helps you directly reach a specific audience based on the persona you pick. DattaWallet Business claims that they can generate between 2 and 20 million lookalike customers. Using your Facebook Ads Manager, you can reach each of them and increase your sales.

In order to register to DataWallet, you have to request access. All in all, they are not so easy to reach. But their service is pretty high level. Generally speaking, exclusivity kind of goes with it.

Sell Data - Sell your data preferences to become a better customer

How can you sell data?

Every action we take on the internet creates some form of data. Many Data Broker companies buy this data and sell it on the market, thus making a huge profit. To put it another way, all of our preferences, actions, likes, it’s all priceless to companies. In short, they use our information to sell products more efficiently. It’s important to control what you sell because we never know which of our personal information is on the market.

Selling information is selling power, selling influence and control of the market. Social media websites are spawning pools of personal info. Most of their income comes directly from data sales.

In conclusion, it’s all about the money.


This is an online data market that offers its users a chance to control who buys their information. This is a relatively new platform and it’s yet to show its full potential. The main idea behind this project is to give internet users full control over their personal data flow. In general, users can choose to whom they sell their info, and what info gets on the market.

Creators of this platform promise that all of the information stays anonymous. No identifiable personal information goes on the market. That means that your name, emails, home address or phone are off the market.

How much you earn depends on several terms:

  • The amount of data you decide to share with your potential customers. In short, the more you place on the market, the more money you can make. But this is not carved in stone, it just gives you the opportunity to make more money.
  • The number of clients you choose. In short, with more customers, you have a larger market and that gives you the chance for a greater profit.
  • Data relevance. In general, it's hard to sell data if it's not important.

All in all, your profit will depend on the number of clients that DataWallet attracts. If DataWallet attracts more customers, you will have a larger choice of potential buyers for your data.

For the time being, this platform works as an iOS app, Android platform is still in development. Therefore you can download it on your iOS device and begin to sell data. The app is free, also the registration is free. To download iOS app, click here.

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