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Supernet - the easiest way to protect your online privacy!

Today is a good day to start taking your online privacy seriously. Why? How about these facts?

1. It takes less than a second to steal your accounts when you are on public Wi-Fi network.
2. Millions of people lose their personal information because of hacker attacks.
3. Your Internet service provider knows every step of your online activity.
4. Your browsing history is wanted by every single advertiser.

You can prevent data leakage with one single app — Supernet VPN & proxy service. Why Supernet and not any other VPN? It's free. It's fast. It's user-friendly. It's worth giving it a shot while there are no ads in it. 

Supernet promotes an idea of the free and secure Internet for users who are not ready or cannot pay for a VPN service. It will be monetized with ads, but for now the app is available without banners for some time. 

What can you get from Supernet for free? In fact, it's everything you need. There are no limits for speed, time or bandwidth and you can choose US or UK server to connect to. The list of servers can be expanded, developers are waiting for your suggestions on Facebook.

For now, you can use Supernet with an Android appChrome extensionFirefox extension, and iOS app + Opera extension are going to be released soon.

Supernet helps you to:

  • Unblock Youtube, Skype, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, Twitter, and any other website
  • Unlock Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, BBC, Pandora, Twitch, or any other service unavailable in your location
  • Browse anonymously, hide your IP and protect online activity from prying eyes
  • Protect your online privacy and secure data on your device from hackers and snoopers
  • Bypass firewalls at work or school

This app is a must-have for all mobile users: each of us leaves a lot of personal data on the Internet every day. You can shorten this «tail» basically in a click.

Just tap on the shield in the middle of the screen and as soon as it turns green, you are secured and can open any website or app. As simple as ABC, isn't it?

So, take care of your online privacy now and don't forget to leave your opinion about the app.

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