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Penguin Run Saga, Cartoon Game

Penguin Run Saga, Cartoon

Welcome to Arctic world of adventure! 

This Free Penguin Game allows you to be a sweet Penguin which is rushing to collect fish. Tap..Flap..ENJOY!
It is one of the addicting games. I was engaged in this game because I love animals. 

What makes me be engaged in this game?
The Penguin Run Saga reflexes against time and movement. 
For example, you can tap to change your flapping direction. Beware of the ice cores and snow balls. 
You also have some simple rules in this game such as: Don’t hit the obstacles; this is the play rule in this fun game.

The main features of the Penguin Run Game are:

— Snowy mountains and cold snowy backgrounds;
— Collect gold fish and unlock exciting colorful penguins;
— New fun, exciting levels;
— Simple touch control;
— Tablet optimized;
— Stunning graphics, colorful visual cartoon, and smooth animation;
— Enchanting Orchestra and relaxing music; 
— Social network sharing; 
— Stay tuned for updates; and
— Challenging leaderboard contests and gameplay.

DO you want more addictive actions? You also have them: Collect points, catch fish, unlock more colorful penguins and gain the best score in global ranking and challenge the players. The thrilling adventure of Arctic animals will keep you playing until the very end!

Are you ready to begin your adventure? Let's go

Thank you to Universal Games Company and their team for this cool game with a cute little penguin.

Are you a Penguin legend? Now it’s time for YOU to help the cute little Penguin. Have fun! Download the Game from GooglePlay Store

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