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LocalLedge App — Community Messaging app to easily communicate with others around you

LocalLedge is a communication tool used to connect you locally. You can create your own message board that we call a Ledge.
When creating a Ledge you get to set a Distance or range for that Ledge from .25 miles up to 50 miles. You can also lock your Ledge so only those in that distance can engage with you.

Easily connect with others around you through messaging boards called a Ledge.
Generally, Ledge is a community group or any other groups that you can easily find around you and join. These local groups can help you in any topic and any questions or any interest you have.
You are able to set a distance for your Ledge and lock that Ledge so only those inside that distance can send messages, pictures, and videos.
It is a very social app because it helps to solve a lot of social or city problems around you in your city or quarter. You can easily connect with the people who have the same problems or pains and try to solve the problem together. And if you solve it together, then you have more power.

Tha main features of the LocalLedge App are:

Subscribe: Hit the Start button to subscribe to a Ledge. This will provide phone notifications of new messages to that Ledge.
Change Your Screen Name: You can change your screen name at any time and unlimited times. This helps to keep you anonymous when talking about sensitive and personal topics.
Ledge Expiration: Public and Protected Ledges expire after 72 hours of no new messages. Post a new message to keep it alive or edit the Ledge and make private. Private Ledges do not Expire.

Lock Ledge: You can lock your Ledge so only people inside the distance set can view and interact.

Delete Messages: Owners can delete any message in a Ledge. Users can delete their own messages.
Ban / Kick: Kick boots a person for 30 minutes. Ban – bans the person permanently from your Ledge unless you remove the ban. Only owners can band and kick.

Private Ledges: Private Ledges are hidden Ledges. You can share the deep-link with others so they can join the group chat. Users have to request access to the Ledge and then be granted access by owner.
Switch between Private / Public / Protected: At anytime, you can move a Ledge into a different privacy mode.

Multiple Ledge Owners: You can grant other subscribers owner privileges so they can delete messages, ban, kick and accept new subscribers in private and protected Ledges.
Tags: When creating a ledge add in search tags to make it easy for people to search and discover your Ledge
Report Ledges: If you see a Ledge that is breaking the Terms of Service and just being all around mean or rude then please report that Ledge. We take all reports seriously and have a real-time monitoring platform that notifies us of new complaints. We will as quickly as possible address the issue if it’s a valid complaint. Keep in mind we respect free speech but not hate speech.

Examples of Use:
1. At a Concert — Create ledge .25 miles and lock it. Now only those at that concert can see the message board and send messages, pictures, and videos.
2. Form instant study and work groups- Create a Ledge for just people in your class or office. When someone posts a message everyone who subscribes to the Ledge will get that message. You can move the Ledge to private so it's hidden and won't expire.
3. Love Gaming? Create a Ledge for others around you to chat about your favorite game or find others to play online.

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