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List of must have marketing bots that will help your business grow

AI Bots will save your time and marketing efforts by using their artificial intelligence algorithm. And lead to the Business Grow with Virtual Assistant Marketing Bots.

Social networks, numerous sites, and blogs have become places where you can promote your business without large investments. In recent years bots (online tools such as applications, programs, or software) have begun to appear in order to help people to efficiently develop company management. Bots are an innovation that dramatically expanded during the beginning of this year. Thanks to bots daily tasks are made easier, so now, we are entering a new period in the development of technology - era of bots.

The essence of marketing bots in business

Marketing has an impact on consumer awareness and creates the need to purchase a particular product. In other words, to make your work wealthy, it is necessary to promote your products and services to the potential buyers. Nowadays, marketing is becoming increasingly popular on the Internet, including the dominant fields such as SEM and SEO. The essence of internet marketing is feedback and communication with customers. Successful marketing is the heart of your business. Therefore, marketing is the important key without which, your company can’t make any significant progress.

What are Artificial Intelligence bots?

AI Bots are your virtual assistants, which makes the work done based on the artificial intelligence algorithm. They are online tools (part of the software) programmed to perform automated tasks. There are two types of bots: malicious and bots which are used for commercial purposes. The bots act like a human, helping you to accomplish your goal and solve the problems.

You can use “commercial bots” for various things, such as to make a reservation, book a flight, or schedule the meeting. They are created to help you in doing everyday activities. The main advantage is that they are easy to reach.

How bots can help you with your business?

First of all, you need to know what kind of help you want in order to find the right bot to save your time and solve the problem. The purpose of marketing bots is to increase productivity and facilitate your business. The good news is that this will save your time and money because these bots are present anywhere at any time. Anyway, bots can’t replace human resources, but they can simplify your working activities.

With this in mind, you can use marketing bots to collect information, market a new product, get a feedback from customers and find the best way of promotion your services to potential clients. If you have trouble to solve the problem this “smarty pants” can give you an answer based on keywords you provided, without having to contact your colleagues.

Marketing bots that you must have

Stastbot - Stats & Analytics Bot

Statsbot can help you to review your metrics and learn where to spend your marketing efforts. The main advantage of this bot is that it saves your time so you don’t need opening multiple tabs or doing research over the Internet. In addition, Statsbot integrated with Mixpanel, Google Analytics, and Salesforce and Slack. That's why, it is very simple to use - all you need to do is to ask him to give you an analytic update. To rephrase it, Statsbot provides you updated information very efficiently and you can get all analytical data and stats.

Statsbot Official: statsbot.co

Blockspring Bot - Supercharges your analytics data

Blockspring helps you to organize your spreadsheets. You can use it on Google Sheets or MS Excel. With one single click, you can transfer needed information from the Internet into your spreadsheet. Actually, there is no need to open numerous spreadsheets; you can finish your job with a single one. Therefore, by using Blockspring you can forget about copy paste work. Blockspring offers you 14 days free trial.

Blockspring Bot Official: blockspring.com


GrowhBot Marketing and Sales Bot

GrowhBot Marketing and Sales Bot

GrowthBot helps you to find information about marketing offers, companies or sales. It is very useful for marketers. You can use this bot on Facebook Messenger, Twitter or Slack. You only need to type the query and GrowthBot will give you the answer. Using this bot you can reduce the time needed to collect all the information you need.  To put it briefly, it takes only a few minutes and it is absolutely free.


Kit Marketing Bot - Email Marketing, Facebook and Instagram Ads Automation and Social Growth Shopify Bot

Facebook Ads Campaign Automation



Email Marketing Automation


Instagram Ads Campaign Automation


Kit is your personal marketing assistant to grow your Shopify based shopping business. It gives you the ability to promote your e-commerce business. This e-commerce bot can post ads on social networks for you or handle your promotional emails to help you with presenting the product. Moreover, it can improve your sales by updating your pages on social networks and sending gratitude emails to your customers.

In conclusion, the Kit costs 10$ per month, which is not too much compared to what you get.

Kit Marketing Bot Official: kitcrm.com


Nurtz Bot - Email Proofreading

Nowadays it is important to write emails and create contracts for successful business development. Nurtz is a bot that will do any kind of proofreading for you. The good news is that proofreading is done by humans and your privacy is protected. You will get your edited copy in no time. Consequently, Nurtz offers first 100 words for free, and after that, you pay 0.02$ per word.

Glance Bot - Data Tracking and Analytics Feed

Glance Bot - Data Tracking and Analytics Feed - Joytekk - Review

If you don’t like StatsBot, this bot is the best replacement which allows you to review your metrics. Glance helps you to track down your followers, viewers and customers. Besides Google Analytics, it also connects with the following systems: Facebook, Twitter, Wordpress, Instagram, YouTube, Alexa, Yahoo, Mixpanel and many others. Utilization is the same as for StatsBot.  In short, all you have to do is to type your query and you will get your answer immediately. Information about pricing is provided below.

Glance Marketing Bot Official: glance.se

Notify Bot - social, media and news coverage mention notifications to acquire additional customers

Notify provides notifications every time your company name or product is mentioned on the Internet. Without doubt, this is a very useful tool. It helps you to find out about customers' preferences, the state of competition or to track changes in your industry. This bot collects information from various social networks and sites and returns feedback you need. You will only need a minute to create a notification. Notify is very conducive to exploring the market and gaining insights about how others see your company. The best of all is that Notify is truly free.

You can find more information on: notify.ly

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