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FlyZoo — Chat For Your Community To Engage Users

FlyZoo is a chat platform designed for communities of any kind and size looking to reach, connect and engage their users. Flyzoo works of out the box with WordPress, BuddyPress and Joomla! 

Flyzoo provides a lot of community-oriented features:
— multiple group chats
— private messaging
— friends list and much more.

Real-time communication is at the core of any thriving community, while it's easy to build them with tools like BuddyPress or Joomla, finding a good chat can be tricky: most solutions on the market offer an outdated user experience and self-hosted chats are resource intensive. 
Flyzoo provides a sleek, powerful community chat ready in 5 min!

You are able to Add a chat to your Buddypress, Wordpress or Joomla community

Flyzoo supports real time visitor monitoring, private chat, chat rooms, avatars, user list, words filtering and emoticons.
Flyzoo is a cool solution because it will help you to learn and understand your visitors and users, which will definitely lead you to improve and take your community and its features in a direction that your users will like.
The most lovely feature in FlyZoo is a Group Chat — engaging your audience and connect them together to have a great conversation based on the common interests.
Users allowed to create their profiles with avatars and slect a status (online, away, busy)

If you want to enhance your community, then you can get lyzoo chat here: Get FlyZoo

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