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Earmonium – Best Royalty Free Music and Sound Effect Resource For App, Video and Game Development

Earmonium  has a library of more than 63,000 royalty-free music and sound effects that have been collected from sound designers all over the world. Top-shelf companies like EA, Ubisoft and Activision had been used Earmonium’s clips but they are priced to also appeal to amateur filmmakers and home video hobbyists, podcasts makers and app or game developers who want to add a professional element to their products.

The three most important parts of the Web or Mobile Game Development for the End User is a functionality (code), design and sound effects (also music, soundtracks and so on). If you made 2 of these 3 parts of the highest level and for example the sound effects are pure, so the whole game will look pure for the gamer (end user).

So, it is important to have the sound effects with the highest quality. Here the Earmonium comes to help to the game developer to find and implement the best sound effects for your web or mobile game. 
So, all of these mean that adding sound effects to the game is not only necessary but also is a key factor in making the game a success.


As a game developer, you are able to find sound effects for every stage and layer of the game and the most positive value of the Earmonium is that you can get these sounds for FREE by using royalty-free music tracks and sound effects.

The Earmonium library is sorted into various parameters in order to help you find the most suited track, sound or clip for you.

For example, Music Tracks are sorted into more than 30 genres, such as: Action, Electro, Fantasy, Pop, Rock, Horror and so on. It is also possible to designate a mood, tempo, and beats per minute, then adjust the pricing scale to meet your budget.However, the royalty-free sound effects are also indexed and sorted. 

Do you need the sound effects such as car crash, machine gun fire, an explosion, thunder and a cuckoo clock? No problem! With Earmonium as a game developer, you do not need to spend time for infinite searches for the quality sound effects that you need, you can easily find them in Earmonium and continue your game development.

Do you need a lot of sound effects as a collection? Earmonium sells them as a collection, you simply choose and buy a package of orcs or lizards, a collection of gunfire and a variety of screams.

You are able to listen before buying. So, you know exactly if this sound effect suits to your needs or not.

For example, you need a sound effect for your home video. You listen to the samples, select one of them, add to your shopping cart and pay with PayPal.You will receive a downloadable ZIP file which includes MP3 file along with 6 WAV files.

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