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DIY Multi-Device Charging Backpack With USB and Power Bank


Charging Backpack

We all hate it when we're out, having activities with friends and our wireless Bluetooth headphones, phone, Laptop or any other Mobile Device's battery dies. With no place to recharge our speakers or mobile phone, there's a big chance that fun will be over soon. In those situations, you wish you've had a power bank connected to your speakers. What if there's a way we can make our backpack become an independent power station. You wonder how to make your backpack power your phone, laptop or Bluetooth speakers? Well, you came to the right place to learn.

In this article, we'll see how easy it is to make a Charging backpack, to power your gadgets. You'll get a step-by-step explanation how to build your backpack to become a power station. With this great invention, you will have your speakers powered up, and you can also charge your mobile phone. You can use it to charge any other device with a compatible charge socket. Once you build this, you never have to build it again, as long as all components work that is. So let’s see what we need in order to build DIY Smart Backpack.


First, we need to acquire all the necessary components needed to build our charging backpack. So, here is a list.

  1. Backpack-We will store our power bank station in a backpack, this way we can carry it wherever we like. The backpack needs to be strong and needs an inner pocket to keep the power station safe.
  2. A power bank-This device will be our main power source. You will use it to power your Bluetooth speakers and to charge your laptop, phone or any other device.
  3. Bluetooth speakers - The reason we are doing this is to allow you uninterrupted fun outdoors. Bluetooth speakers will ensure that fun never stops in the bad time.
  4. Plastic casing-We need to fit all our main components in a plastic casing that will ensure safety and comfort. Also, aesthetics is important, we don’t want wires all over our backpack.
  5. Foam pads. We need these to secure the safety of the inside of our casing.

These are, basically all the components we need. When it comes to tools, all we need is a cutting knife and some hot glue.

Step 1 – Connecting the first pieces

The first thing we need to do is to take all the main components out of their original casings. So open up the speakers casing and the power bank casing. Connect the speakers and power bank USB power outlets. This will ensure that the speakers work even when their own battery is depleted. Make sure to set the layout in such a way so that the modules are on the same sides. This way you will enable easy access for USB power cords for your smartphone and power bank.  You need to recharge your power bank in order to keep the whole thing running.

Step 2 – Building a casing

To build your casing you need a plastic board. Cut it so that the power bank and the speakers can fit inside. Keep in mind that the modules need to be near the edge of the casing. Make some holes to fit USB ports and power bank display. Use hot glue to fix the components and some foam pads for safety. At the end, put your casing together with some hot glue. Let the glue cool for a while.

Step 3 – Mounting and power up

Now that we got our casing all done, it’s time to fit our device into our backpack. To make sure it stands firm, put one piece of Velcro on our power station and another on our backpack. This will keep it safe and firm, it won’t move or fall out.

Next, we need to place our USB power cables. We need two power cables, one for our smartphone and another for our power bank. We will recharge our smartphone using the smartphone USB power cord. The second power cord will recharge power bank when we need to. If your backpack has a side pocket, make a hole near it so that you could fit your phone inside. This way you can keep your hands free while you walk charging your phone. Make another hole for your power bank cable. Try and make the hole so that you don’t damage your backpack too much. It would be best if your backpack already has two holes for headphones. Most of the latest backpack have such holes.

Step 4- Pairing and use

Now that the hardware is all set and connected, it’s time to pair up our speakers and smartphone. Turn on your Bluetooth speakers and use your phone to pair it. Just go to your Bluetooth settings and pair your speakers to your phone.

That’s all there is to it, now you can play your music from your phone. The music from your phone will go directly through your backpack Bluetooth speaker set.


Mobility and power autonomy is one of the biggest issues of modern technology. We have so many gadgets that we just can’t carry them all. Even if we place them all in one bag, we need to stop, connect, charge them, and that takes time. When you have a charging backpack like this one, you save a lot of time.

You will never have to worry if you brought all your things, cause you will always have them, all-in-one. If you’re out, having a walk and your battery is low, just jack it up and continue to use it. If you’re out with your friends, you can listen to the music on your speakers for a long time.

My personal recommendation is to use a 7000mAh power bank and more, it will provide you with enough energy for a long time. Also it’s good if your Bluetooth speakers have a large battery capacity, it will give extra running time.

I think that many of you will find DIY charging backpack project useful. And I hope that you’ll have a lot of fun making your own. Also, I know that you’ll have a lot of fun using this smart backpack. So let me know it the comments, how did you like this article and this project. Also, let me know if you made a charging backpack of your own and how you made it?

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