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Bubble Space Game Review - Shoot The Colored Bubbles

Bubble space game is one of the most popular and enjoyable games online. As much as the game is enjoyable and keeps the player to always try several times to accomplish the tasks, it is also addictive in a positive way.  It is also frustrating for the beginners because it is a challenge to move from one level to the other during the primary stages, but after several trials, the climax can be attained making the whole bubble space enjoyable and fun to play. It is ideal for short time breaks especially if you are not working on a computer or waiting for something, a good one for time wasting as you wait for something while in the office. You can play it here: Play Bubble Game

Bubble Game Review

How to Play and Understanding the Bubble Space Game

It is a casual entertainment that utilizes the classic bubble titles where the player is provided with lines of colored balls. For you to understand how to play Bubble Space Game, you should be sure that the balls have to be eliminated by the player by shooting them with a ball gun; the shooting is done from the bottom of the screen as you play. Every moment you manage a successfully shooting you gain other three balls of the same color. There are three categories of gaming modes that are available for players and they include; Arcade, Challenge, and Puzzle. All the three modes have different achievements and normally indicated as aims, in other words, each mode has its own aim. However, you can keep playing on the arcade mode by completing level after level.

Bubble Space Game Review

The challenge mode demands that you as the player you compete with time allocated to shoot the balls. On the other hand, the puzzle mode has an additional task that requires the player to crush balls, commonly known as “Ball Crushing” and diamond collection. In general, all the modes seem to be short and easy but technical enough to lead to critical thinking to accomplish the tasks as they appear enjoyable. Space Bubble shooter is a computer game which was originally developed in 2000 and the main aim of the tasks is to make a combination of three or more colors or a combination of the same color balls or appear for shooting or to disappear.

Tasks to Accomplish on Bubble Game and Better Scores

The trick behind the success of the game is to shoot more bubbles of the same color at the same time or with at least one shooting; by so doing and achieving this you stand a chance to increase more scores. In essence, when you fail the rows of bubbles will pop and drop to a level and drop several levels at once. The main objective of the game is to clear all the bubbles on the screen.  For better scores, you have to in every case to understand that you will need not to try pop up all the bubbles quickly, go slow, upon finishing a particular color of balls; they will appear at the bottom of the screen or drop down the screen instead of a single row. To some point, the main aim all about understands the trick behind color matching and shooting.

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