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BetterBack Therapy - Simple Back Pain Relief Posture Corrector for Chair

Benefits of Good Posture with BetterBack Therapy Posture Corrector for Chair which will help to treat Back Pain Relief make any chair ergonomic to get perfect posture correction in 15 mins a day. An easy to use posture corrector solution to boost your health!

Are you a sufferer, for whom back pain is a nightmare? Do you want to develop a perfect posture? BetterBack Therapy will help you in a natural way.

Nowadays many people work in offices. Such work presupposes long hours of sitting. Even the most physically developed people do feel back pain and spasms at the end of the working day. If even they do, what is to be said about people with low level of physical activity? “Disaster” is the best word to describe the way their backs feel in the evenings.

To prevent any disasters and to make your spine healthy BetterBack Therapy was designed.

What is BetterBack Therapy Posture Corrector for Chair?

When zipped, BetterBack Therapy hardly differs from a small portable case. So you can easily put it into your bag or backpack to use anywhere you like. When the moment comes, unzip BetterBack Therapy and use it to relieve any back pain or spasm!

An unzipped BetterBack Therapy looks like a pad connected with 2 smaller knee pads with the help of the adjustable leg straps.

The materials of which BetterBack Therap y is made need special attention. Its outer shell is water resistant. The knee pads are slip resistant. These facts make you sure that BetterBack Therapy will never slip down. YKK zippers, custom webbings and memory foam used in BetterBack Therapy make this back support high-quality but simple.

You have already taken the first step to a healthy spine. The second step is actually to use BetterBack Therapy.

Where to use my BetterBack Therapy Posture Corrector?

Luckily, there is no correct or incorrect way to use this natural back support. If you feel comfortable wearing it, than BetterBack Therapy is used correctly. You may even use this natural back support in a cross-legged position! Sounds amazing, does not it? The only exception to this use-it-anywhere rule is driving.

BetterBack Instructions - How To Wear it correctly?

But to get the utmost of wearing your BetterBack Therapy, you should follow some simple instructions from our video in the beginning of the article. Additionally, you can find step-by-step instructions in the pictures below.

Why is good posture so important?

In our chaotic world, we hardly have any time to trace the roots of our poor health. Do you find it hard to concentrate? Do you feel pessimistic or exhausted? Bad posture may be the root of evil.

BetterBack Therapy is a perfect variant of back support. It is natural and comfortable. Its main peculiarity is special attention to the pelvis. BetterBack Therapy strengthens your pelvis, rehabilitates your spine's natural curvature and simply supports your back.

You can take it anywhere you wish to make any chair ergonomic. Now your back will feel support everywhere:  at work, on the airplane, while studying or watching TV. BetterBack Therapy will make your posture perfect. It is simple, but it works!

And you will see that perfect posture does not only mean to live without any back pain and spasms. It means improved memory, fewer worries, no depression, more happiness, and energy. You can get the BetterBack Posture Corrector at BetterBack Official Website

Will BetterBack Therapy Posture Corrector suit me and my Chair?

We are all very different. We have different sizes. Also, we can devote a different amount of our free time to wearing BetterBack Therapy. But despite all the differences we all need the same ¾ healthy spine with BetterBack Therapy.

This natural back support has 2 sizes: BetterBack Therapy and BetterBack Therapy Plus.

BetterBack Therapy will perfectly suit those people who have up to 38’’ waist fit. As any other variation of BetterBack, this one is highly portable and fits in a purse.

As for BetterBack Therapy Plus, it is 2 times bigger than BetterBack Therapy. It will suit those people who have up to 55’’ waist fit. And it will be of great help for pregnant women. For them back pain and spasms are a common thing. Because of its bigger size, this BetterBack variation gives broader sitting support. Moreover, it can be paired with your favorite chair for maximum comfort. BetterBack Therapy Plus fits in a backpack.

Should I wear BetterBack Therapy 24 hours a day for Posture Correction?

You may devote as much time as you can to wearing BetterBack. If you devote at least 15 minutes a day to your perfect posture, you will understand that it is a lot already. You will start strengthening your back muscles.  Strong and healthy back muscles in their turn will never let any pain or spasms appear again. These 15 minutes will be enough to notice when you slump. Without BetterBack Therapy you would hardly have realized it.

To make you posture better not only while sitting but also while standing wear BetterBack Therapy for an hour a day. It will let you feel the difference between a good and bad posture. Even without BetterBack, because the habit of wearing this natural back support will become stronger.

Probably, one day you will understand that you do not slump anymore. It means that your posture is a perfect one already. You do not need BetterBack Therapy anymore, do you? But I would recommend you to save your BetterBack. As you may wear it all day long to relax your back muscles.

How BetterBack Therapy Treats Back Pain Relief and Heat Therapy?

Actually, the therapy already consists in depriving you of a habit to slump. But this is not all. We know that very often some cold or hot compress on the back makes the pain less acute. And this knowledge was applied to BetterBack Therapy.

Now depending on your necessity, you may get a cold or a hot therapy from your BetterBack.

Cold therapy is indispensable when you have acute pain, inflammation or some injuries. You will especially like it after a good workout.

Hot therapy will let your back muscles relax. It will calm down any spasms and tension you have.

The thing that makes BetterBack Therapy Product unique is its environmentally friendly character. BetterBack Therapy is non-toxic, PVC-free and has no latex in its composition. Nowadays lots of back supports use PVC. However, PVC deeply affects our planet. BetterBack is a better variant in this concern as it performs all necessary functions but without any harm.

Even doctors prove BetterBack Therapy’s effectiveness and advise to purchase it and wear it as soon as possible!

BetterBack Therapy is a simple but effective means to build a perfect posture. It will make you forget about spasms and back pains as if it was a nightmare.

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