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6 Best Android Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Nowadays increasing productivity is the new mantra! The salient question is how?
Making a business profitable is not a herculean task, as it only needs the efficient management of resources andresponsibilities. 
A great and handy tool for maximizing productivity and utilizing resources to the max is your smartphone. Mobile apps can help break down and simplify many of the day-to-day tasks a business must accomplish.
Now that mobile phones and tablets have made their way into our lives, you can get more done with these mobile devices and effective apps installed to increase your productivity gradient.
Here are some of the best Android apps you can install to increase your productivity.
1. Evernote 
Do everything on this digital work space – Evernote! You can use this powerful note-taking app to store photos, notes, web pages, audio clips, PDF files, sync files, record voice reminders and create to-do lists. From short lists to lengthy ones, Evernote keeps you focused on moving those ideas from initial concept to completion.
The indexing feature within Evernote makes it a real joy to wok with. This feature allows you to add elements to your online notebook that can then be searched for and accessed on your desktop, mobile device or the web.
2. Producteev 
Certainly the world's best task management software for teams, this free task management app lets you assign tasks to several individuals, implement privacy settings and create subtasks. Producteev lets you stay organized, share work and complete projects without all the chaos. 
Producteev Pro is the premium version, specially designed to address a growing business’s needs where you can customize the logo and theme settings, which also includes turning Outlook emails into calendar appointments and actionable tasks.
3. Basecamp 
Looking for awesome collaboration within your organization? Do it with a single view dashboard on Basecamp! For any given project, Basecamp shows team members a single view dashboard for all files, tasks, milestone dates, along with a discussion front that lets you trade information and work through the details. The project workspace is the place for all conversations regarding the project. 
The scheduling and calendaring feature is also available, which displays non-project activities as well. Basecamp also performs daily data backups through SSL data encryption. Not to worry if your mobile device does not natively support Basecamp, you can always use your phone’s browser to sign in to the web portal.
4. Dropbox 
File-sharing software, Dropbox is already a major hit with mobile app consumers. Business owners have reaped countless benefits with this software that can easily sync important work documents across all devices and allows authorized people to access them seamlessly from anywhere. 
Collaboration is made easy as you can create shared folders and give group members access to specific links or folders. You get to edit files as a team, keep your photos and documents safe, and most importantly, never lose a file again.
5. Mint
Having trouble managing your money? Here is a lifesaver for keeping tabs on your overall financial health. 
Mint is an app that links up with all your different bank accounts, loan accounts, credit cards, and shows them all within a single, streamlined interface. It manages all your financial data in one centralized location. 
Mint allows you to keep an eye on your savings, checking, retirement and investment accounts whenever you want, and also track spending on a day to day basis. When compared to other personal finance apps, this is by far the most highly efficient financial tracker.
6. Asana 
Asana is a robust task management app which also doubles up as a major collaboration tool in the industry. You can create tasks, flag them with due dates, assign them to specific individuals, attach files, add notes, include comments to share with your team or create internal checklists, all within one versatile app. 
Asana also allows you to easily group tasks according to the project. This feature allows the respective team members to brainstorm, assign subtasks and work collectively to accomplish common project goals.
All the projects on Asana are shown side by side, which eliminates the need to dig up old emails that might be scattered across various inboxes. Everything stays in one place, and your team’s productivity never suffers.
Asana definitely seems to be the best in its class, enabling businesses to do great things together, and in an organized manner. 
These Android apps are among the best productivity tools available for smartphones today, and they are certain to make your mobile device more useful than ever. Install a couple of these apps and get your business moving on the right foot at a rapid pace!

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