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How to Install Your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Ghostek Atomic Case

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How to Install Your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus Ghostek Atomic Case

The Ghostek Atomic 2.0 and Atomic 3 mobile phone cases provided by UVIYO for the Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus introduces a revolutionary new waterproofing technology in a sleek, slim case. Covered at every angle and engineered to withstand sudden drops, shocks and impacts, the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 and Atomic 3 iPhone 6/6 Plus and 7/7Plus cases utilizes the latest in shock absorption technology through its use of high-grade metal impact bumpers and a solid, single-piece frame. 

 ghostek atomic 2.0 cases for iphone 6 and 6 plus phones


This unique design wraps your Apple iPhone 6 in a cradle of protection and peace of mind, freeing it from pesky dust, dirt, scratches and other blemishes that can ruin your digital experience. 


Getting Started with Your Ghostek Atomic 2.0 iPhone Case

The first step to maximizing your new iPhone 6 case’s built-in protection is to conduct a water test. This helps to ensure that your case is fully protected against drips, splashes and complete submersion in  a light depth of water. After removing the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 case, fully submerge the case in water for 10 minutes. This helps ensure full waterproof functionality. Should you detect any leaks or drips in the case, please notify Ghostek customer service immediately.

Once the water submersion test is complete, gently pry the case apart and insert your Apple iPhone 6. Please be sure that your mute switch is properly aligned with the corresponding places within the iPhone itself. This helps ensure that all of the relevant phone buttons and ports, including volume, headphone port, and other buttons, are still accessible while in the case.


Getting the Most Out of Your Waterproof iPhone 6 Mobile Phone Case

Once your phone is fully enveloped by the Ghostek case and the related buttons and ports are accessible, you’ll be able to go about your daily life with greater confidence.  Right away, you’ll notice that although the case itself is fully protective of your device, it won’t weigh you down with unnecessary bulkiness. 


ghostek atomic 2 cases for iphone 6 and 6 plus


The lightweight frame is built to ensure a snug, complete fit that curls effortlessly around each beveled edge and angle.  The touch-screen protector helps further prevent damage to your phone by minimizing the risk of scratches, dust and smudges interfering with the responsiveness of the screen itself. Tuck it in your pocket or purse, browse in the rain or stomp through the dust – no matter what, you’re protected.


Getting the Best Deal on a Waterproof iPhone 6 Case

For a limited time, you can get a great deal on a waterproof iPhone 6 case through UVIYO.  With excellent support, intuitive products and fast shipping, you’ll find that the Ghostek Atomic 2.0 case is the last iPhone waterproof case you’ll ever need because it’s simply that durable.  Proven to excel no matter what life (or the weather) throws your way, this is one case that withstands everything from drops to dust, water to spills with ease.

Order today securely online and protect your iPhone with the latest in state of the art waterproof case technology – exclusively from UVIYO Cases.


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