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Trakk FUEL Anti-Theft Backpack with Charger for Your Wearable Devices

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Trakk FUEL Anti-Theft Backpack with Charger for Your Wearable Devices

[TECH REVIEW] The Trakk FUEL Anti-Theft Backpack with Rechargeable Battery

Why buy just a backpack with charger for college, work or the outdoors, when you can own the backpack of the future? The Trakk Fuel backpack offers everything you need to take your active lifestyle to the next level. In our detailed Trakk Fuel backpack review, we’ve uncovered several features that will make you want to own this versatile pack – here are just a few of the best reasons:

Secure Storage for All Your Digital Devices

The RFID-enabled anti-theft device included with the Trakk Fuel helps keep all your digital devices, from smartphones to tablets, safe and secure. In addition, hidden pockets let you securely stash away cash, credit cards and more from prying eyes.  But the designers of the Trakk Fuel backpack went beyond secure storage and included padded compartments to keep your electronics safe from tussles, drops, and shuffles.

Trakk FUEL RFID Secure Anti-Theft backpack uviyo bags review

Multiple Compartments with Easy Access

Whether you’re passing through airport security, rail, subway and other areas with high-security protocols in place, you can rest assured that the Trakk Fuel backpack lets you easily access the compartments you need so that you can fully show the necessary items (such as digital devices) in order to pass through security areas with minimal time and hassle.  Beyond security checkpoints, these easy access compartments also make it convenient for students and professionals who often need to dash from one class or meeting to another.

Trakk FUEL Robust 7000 mAh USB Power Bank

One of the best features of the Trakk Fuel anti-theft backpack is its rechargeable feature (See more UVIYO CHARGING BACKPACKS).  Thanks to its built-in 7000 mAh USB power bank and lithium-ion battery, all of your devices can stay charged quickly and easily.  In fact, this robust battery holds enough charge to charge up your mobile devices up to 3 times on a single charge. And the built-in battery itself is rechargeable too, so you never have to worry about the dreaded “LOW BATTERY” message on any of your devices. The Trakk Fuel handles them all – effortlessly.

Charge All Your USB Devices Easily with the External USB Interface

The convenient, user-friendly external USB interface makes it easy to plug in nearly any kind of USB enabled device.  There’s also an interior USB port to add in your own cord.  The Trakk Fuel offers a spacious place for all your digital devices including tablet, smartphone, wireless headset and more. With a generous 11.8 x 7.4 x 18.1 inch interior, you’ll never run out of room for all your must-have electronics!

Comes with All the Charging Cables You Need

Sick and tired of fumbling for cables or getting tangled up with chargers? Not anymore. The Trakk Fuel goes the extra mile as the best backpack for business or the outdoors and includes all the cables you need, including a 4 pin cable, lightning cable and micro USB cable.  The built-in battery life indicator lets you know exactly how much charge is left and when it’s time to recharge the built-in battery on your backpack, so you’re never left without your digital “sidekick”. A must-have for anyone looking for a rechargeable battery backpack for camping, hiking, climbing, cycling and more.

The 12V power transfer input and output ensures that your devices will charge at a blazing fast speed, so wherever you are, you can count on the Trakk Fuel backpack to deliver the juice you need, whenever you need it.

Water-Resistant High-Quality Jacquard Nylon and Stylish Leather Finish

What good would a backpack be if it weren’t water resistant? The Trakk Fuel is designed with high-quality jacquard nylon and a stylish leather finish – giving you a waterproof shell for all your electronics and mobile devices. Take it camping or cycling without worrying about the rain. Rush to class without wondering if your electronics will survive the storm.  The Trakk Fuel backpack is the versatile answer for today’s digital nomad, student and outdoors enthusiast. 

Order securely online through UVIYO and get a risk-free 1-year warranty exchange on this product, as well as worldwide shipping. Now, no matter where you live, you can enjoy all the benefits of owning the next generation in digital battery rechargeable backpacks with anti-theft features built in.  Order today and get it delivered right to your door, no matter where you live!

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