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Trakk FUEL Anti-Theft Backpack with Charger for Your Wearable Devices

[TECH REVIEW] The Trakk FUEL Anti-Theft Backpack with Rechargeable Battery Why buy just a backpack with charger for college, work or the outdoors, when you can own the backpack of the future? The Trakk Fuel backpack offers everything you need to take your active lifestyle to the next level. In our detailed Trakk Fuel backpack review, we’ve uncovered several features that will make you want to own this versatile pack – here are just a few of the best reasons: Secure Storage for All Your Digital Devices The RFID-enabled anti-theft device included with the Trakk Fuel helps keep all your digital devices, from smartphones to tablets, safe and secure. In addition, hidden pockets let you securely stash away cash, credit cards...

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Universal Trakk Shell Backpack - A Bluetooth Speaker and Powerbank [REVIEW]

[REVIEW] A Bluetooth Speaker and Powerbank – In a Backpack? Introducing the Trakk Shell How would you like to be able to charge all of your devices along with amazing sound on-the-go? It’s possible with the Trakk Shell Smart Backpack With Built In Charging Power Station And Bluetooth Speaker Presented by UVIYO CHARGING BACKPACKS. This unique two-in-one system comes with a USB power bank featuring a 5200 mAh battery that works for up to 12 hours per charge.  Now, even when you’re on the trail or out on the street, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of the music you love all while your devices stay charged. Never Deal with the Dreaded “Low Battery” Message Again! There’s nothing quite as aggravating as...

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