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Trakk FUEL Anti-Theft Backpack with Charger for Your Wearable Devices

[TECH REVIEW] The Trakk FUEL Anti-Theft Backpack with Rechargeable Battery Why buy just a backpack with charger for college, work or the outdoors, when you can own the backpack of the future? The Trakk Fuel backpack offers everything you need to take your active lifestyle to the next level. In our detailed Trakk Fuel backpack review, we’ve uncovered several features that will make you want to own this versatile pack – here are just a few of the best reasons: Secure Storage for All Your Digital Devices The RFID-enabled anti-theft device included with the Trakk Fuel helps keep all your digital devices, from smartphones to tablets, safe and secure. In addition, hidden pockets let you securely stash away cash, credit cards...

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This One-of-a-Kind Travel Backpack Charges Your Mobile Devices On-the-Go

Best Charging Backpacks for Travel Activities. Whether you’re traveling across town or around the world, keeping your mobile devices charged can be a hassle. Ordinarily, you’d have to carry along chargers and cables for your mobile phone, your laptop or your tablet, not to mention leaving your devices open for potential theft from your hotel room.  So what can you do about it? Introducing the Ghostek NRGBag Mobile Chargeable Backpack by UVIYO Slim and stylish, the Ghostek NRG Bag backpack is amobile battery charger for travel The Ghostek NRGBag mobile charger backpack by UVIYO is a unique solution to an ever-present problem. The stylish design houses a rechargeable 7000mAh removable battery system.  Adaptable for either Micro-USB or Apple products, it...

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Google Pixel XL vs Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Which Phone is Worth the Price?

It’s no secret that the new Google Pixel XL and iPhone 7 Plus are both innovative new contenders in the smart phone field.  But their ingenuity comes at a price.  Which one is truly worth the money?  Here at UVIYO, we love all things digital tech, so we took a look at these highly anticipated smart phones to see which device is truly worth considering.  What we’ve found may surprise you: Is It Worth To Buy a NEW Google Pixel XL Phone (Best Review)?   Google Pixel XL Size, Specs, Camera The Google Pixel XL is grabbing fistfuls of market share away from Samsung after news of their exploding Note 7 phones soured the market. Between the two phones the Pixel XL...

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Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 – Which is the Best Smartphone to Buy?

When it comes to smartphones, Google has finally thrown down the gauntlet against the likes of the Apple iPhone (iPhone 7/ 7 Plus) and Samsung Galaxy (Galaxy S8/S8 Edge and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge). But which one is really worth the investment? Here at UVIYO, we specialize in the best equipment and protection for your iPhone or Android device, which is why we took a closer look at the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 to determine which is the better buy for your money.  Here’s what we discovered. Should You Invest in an iPhone 7 Phone (Review)? The iPhone 7’s launch in September 2016 did not surprise anyone, as it doesn’t differ that much from previous iPhones.  Apple is holding all...

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