Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 – Which is the Best Smartphone to Buy?

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Google Pixel vs. iPhone 7 – Which is the Best Smartphone to Buy?

When it comes to smartphones, Google has finally thrown down the gauntlet against the likes of the Apple iPhone (iPhone 7/ 7 Plus) and Samsung Galaxy (Galaxy S8/S8 Edge and Galaxy S7/S7 Edge). But which one is really worth the investment? Here at UVIYO, we specialize in the best equipment and protection for your iPhone or Android device, which is why we took a closer look at the Google Pixel and iPhone 7 to determine which is the better buy for your money.  Here’s what we discovered.

Should You Invest in an iPhone 7 Phone (Review)?

The iPhone 7’s launch in September 2016 did not surprise anyone, as it doesn’t differ that much from previous iPhones.  Apple is holding all of its cards until 2017, apparently. But that didn’t stop them from making several new innovations for the iPhone 7 in terms of processor speed, camera setup and most importantly – a new waterproof option.

Apple has always been known for its innovation, and thanks to the recent news of Samsung and its exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones, many people are turning to the iPhone 7 as an alternative. But Apple shouldn’t be content to rest on its laurels, as Google is breaking the mold with its brand new Pixel series which boasts many changes that savvy consumers need to be aware of.

Of course, to no one’s surprise, both Apple and Google claim to have the “smartest smartphone” as well as the best cameras and the latest software.  Since the Google Nexus is no more, the tradition and legacy of large screen space, user-friendly design and a host of apps draws people to the Pixel – but those aren’t the only reasons.

What To Know About the Google Pixel Phone (Review)?


The Google Pixel comes in two versions – the Google Pixel XL and the Google Pixel Plus. Both Pixel devices beat out the iPhone in terms of screen size and both phones come with similar tech specs.  Of course, once someone invests in an Apple product, they seldom jump ship. Can the Google Pixels apps sway them over?

The truth is, Google hasn’t said a lot about the apps that will be available on Pixel, but there are some exclusives that will purportedly be only available on Pixel. Google Assistant, as well as the Pixel Camera app and a 24-hour phone support hot-line are all definite benefits worth considering.  Another is the rumored unlimited storage for original quality photos and videos as well as a screen-sharing option as part of the support service.

as they’ve been waiting for that pulls them over to the Google side.  It’s worth noting, however, that the Pixel phone, unlike the new iPhone, will NOT be waterproof, which is why it’s worth investing in a strong, durable waterproof case if you’re interested in buying a Google Pixel.

The bottom line when it comes to choosing the right phone between the iPhone 7 and Google Pixel will depend on the features you need most in a phone. If having plenty of space for photos and video, always-on support and fast charging are attractive to you, you may want to invest in a Pixel.  If you’re already a die-hard Apple user who has used an iPhone 6 or 6S before, you’ll find the iPhone 7 a comfortable yet fresh take on an old favorite.

No matter which you choose, both phones boast a very high end price tag along with an incredible performance in today’s demanding digital world.


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