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Why Just Buy a Backpack When You Can Buy a Solar Backpack with Laptop and Phone Charger? Introducing the Ghostek NRGSolar Backpack


Story Behind Our Rechargeable GHOSTEK NRGSolar Laptop Charging Solar Backpack | UVIYO Charging Backpacks Series

Why Just Buy a Backpack When You Can Buy a Solar Backpack with Laptop and Phone Charger? Introducing the Ghostek NRGSolar Backpack

Now you can save the Earth while you’re out saving the world.  With the NRGSolar backpack from Ghostek, you can harness the power of the sun to help charge your smartphone, laptop, smart watches, wireless devices, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, tablet and more, all in a convenient, durable backpack.  Our hands-on NRGSolar Backpack review details everything you need to know about this versatile solar charging backpack.  Here’s what we discovered, and why you’ll want to own one of these innovative solar charging backpacks.

Spacious 15.6” Laptop Compartment

One of the biggest “battery hogs” – the laptop – has met its match with this nomadic backpack.  Featuring a spacious 15.6” compartment, the NRGSolar backpack is ready to hold and charge all your devices quickly and easily.  Thanks to its built-in 16,000 mAh battery, you can charge nearly any USB-powered digital device including your laptop, tablet, smartwatch, smartphone, e-reader, wireless and Bluetooth speakers, headsets and more.

Now whether you’re cycling, camping or hiking, you can use the solar charging capability and the powerful built-in rechargeable battery to keep all of your devices charged and ready at a moment’s notice.  The integrated LED power bar indicator shows you exactly how much charge is left, so you’ll know when your devices are ready to use.

Water Resistant with Internal and External USB Ports

In addition to leveraging the latest in solar charging technology, this rugged backpack is also water resistant.  It includes two internal USB ports and one external USB port for easy and effortless charging of all your digital stuff.  With its sleek, comfortable design, adjustable straps and built-in solar panels, you’ll have everything you need to keep your active, fast-paced digital lifestyle going strong – without the need for cumbersome chargers and cords.

Just don’t be surprised if your friends, colleagues or fellow students ask you where the nearest charging station is or if you happen to have a spare charger on you.  We won’t blame you if you forget, though – it’s easy to do when your devices are always charged!

Holds Up To 40L – Multiple Compartments Make Stashing Your Stuff Easy and Hassle-Free

Not only is this camping backpack designed to keep your devices charged – it also makes a great organizer for students, urban professionals and more.  With plenty of pockets, slots, and compartments to hold everything you need for your adventures, you’ll be ready both on the road and off-road with everything you need within easy reach.  The sturdy design of this ergonomic backpack also makes it great for travel, cycling, picnics and much more.  Since it holds up to an incredible 40L of gear, devices and more, you’ll run out of ideas on what to store in it before you ever run out of space!  For all of the life’s adventures, this solar powered backpack is built to explore.

Embrace the Nomadic Life

If you’ve always been tempted to try a nomadic way of life (or a digital nomad), this nomadic backpack has everything you need to keep up with technology while still creating your own personal haven. One of the key features of the nomad life is a minimalist mindset.  With the rugged, dependable NRGSolar backpack, you can embrace the nomad culture while being respectful of the land and keeping all of your possessions (and electronics) on hand and charged, whenever you need them.

One of the best things about Nomad culture is that there’s no precise way to go about it – there’s no form to fill out – you just go! Because you’re always on the move and don’t settle down, having a nomadic backpack can be a real life-saver when you don’t speak the local language and need to translate something on your smartphone! That’s just one of the many ways that the NRGSolar can come through for you!

Shipping Worldwide + 1 Year Warranty Exchange

Now you can own this comfortable solar backpack charger no matter where you live! UVIYO now ships internationally so no matter if you’re across the country or around the world, you can own the latest in ergonomic backpack design that’s good for the planet and good for the wallet. We ship fast – direct to your door. 

Plus, as part of our commitment to your complete satisfaction, UVIYO and Ghostek are proud to offer a risk-free one-year warranty exchange on this solar charger backpack.  Use it to its fullest and if at any time during the first year of use your NRGSolar nomadic backpack becomes damaged, simply let us know and we’ll send you a new one – fast!

Ghostek NRGSolar Charging Solar Backpack Review

Own the very latest in green eco-friendly backpack technology while keeping all of your devices fully charged and ready to enjoy – whether you’re sitting around the campfire or trekking around the world, you’ll always have everything you need within easy reach thanks to the versatile, rugged design of the NRGSolar solar panel backpack. 

Order securely online today and see for yourself how this charging backpack bridges the gap between the nomadic lifestyle, the green, environmentally-conscious lifestyle and the digital lifestyle, in a pack that’s so comfortable – you won’t want to take it off!


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560 reviews
Good case phone will last inside this case.

So far so good holds phone fast tight and waterproof Better than the lifeprof case I had before. Appears to be heavier build. Closing covers over plug in and headphone appear to be of better quality.
I like the clear back so I can see my phone color. Overall the best case I have ever owned. Better than the otter box and the life prof. But this is just my thoughts much lower cost. As and they communicate with there customers. I ordered two cases before the phone had been released. They let me know only one color was in. And it would be two to four weeks before the other colors were were in. As and did I want to change my order. As my wife and I are handicapped and drop them all the time of course we will take any color who cares. They did get them to us straight away. So far my experience has been above average. New company for me but will stick around and use them again. A+


Fabulous phone never runs flat compatability with everything I use at work and the solar cell is brilliant too waterproof too recommend this product to anyone

Superb casing for my note 8

Worth for the money!

Broken Phone

The camera lens of my pixel 2 broke after dropping it in this case.

Amazing case.

Best case I have for my Pixel 2.