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The Best Backpack for Work, School and Play - Introducing the Trakk Vigor Water Resistant Charging Backpack


Story Behind Our Trakk VIGOR Charging Backpack  | UVIYO Charging Backpacks Series

The Best Backpack for Work, School and Play  - Introducing the Trakk Vigor Water Resistant Charging Backpack

Whether you’re hitting the road or hitting the books, you need a durable, dependable anti-theft charging backpack. But why buy just any backpack when you can own a water resistant charging backpack? The Trakk Vigor is reliable enough to stand up to all of the life’s activities. We took a closer look at all of the features of this versatile backpack, and our Trakk Vigor backpack review will amaze and delight you. Here’s what we discovered:

The Perfect Backpack for Camping, Hiking, Biking and More

Whether you love the outdoors or you want a sturdy, waterproof backpack for school or work, the Trakk Vigor lives up to the rigorous demands of even the most active life. With its comfortable paddeding and adjustable straps, you won’t feel the aches and pains associated with normal school and university backpacks.  Its ergonomic design ensures you can go for miles and miles without shoulder or back pain, making it a great choice for campers, hikers, bikers and much more.

The Ultimate Companion for Your Nomadic Lifestyle

Whether you love the allure of a more simple life, or you’re proud to be a digital nomad, the Trakk Vigor is one of the best backpacks you can buy as a nomad backpack. Thanks to its spacious design, you’ll enjoy the freedom to carry your life right on your back, and keep all your devices fully charged. The Trakk Vigor is ready to handle all your devices with style and finesse. Thanks to its water repelling jacquard nylon and durable leather finish, you can handle whatever the elements throw your way and never worry that your items will get wet.

And if for some reason your Trakk Vigor backpack does get damaged at any time within the first year, simply let us know for a prompt, cheerful and FAST exchange. It’s part of our 1 year warranty exchange to ensure your backpack looks and functions precisely the way you expect it to. That is UVIYO’s commitment to you as our customer.

Fast, Efficient Charging with Lithium Ion Power

When you open the Trakk Vigor backpack, you’ll immediately notice the high-quality lithium ion battery. This rechargeable 7000 mAh built-in power bank is ready to charge all your most-used devices. What’s more, the battery life indicator on the front shows you precisely how much battery power you have left, so you’ll never be stuck with the dreaded “LOW BATTERY” screen.  With its super fast 12V output, you can be confident that your devices will charge quickly so that you can get back to enjoying your digital life to the fullest.

All the Cables You Need to Charge All Your Digital Devices

No more carrying around clunky cables or packing away the wrong charger – or worse, forgetting your charger! The Trakk Vigor travel backpack has everything you need including a lightning cable, micro USB cable and 4 pin cable.  There’s also an interior USB port to plug in your own cord. The external USB interface will also let you charge USB-enabled devices on-the-go directly from the outside of the pack, freeing up valuable space on the inside! 

Plenty of Compartments for All the Things You Use Most

And what good is a camping or hiking backpack if it doesn’t have enough space? The padded compartments in the Trakk Vigor rechargeable backpack include two large main compartments, two side compartments and two hidden compartments for valuables like your wallet or phone.  It’s the easy, discreet place to put your smart watch, passport, wireless headphones and much more.

And because your security is our top concern, you’ll be glad to know that the Trakk Vigor also comes with an RFID enabled anti-theft device to help add a further layer of protection and peace of mind.

Trakk Vigor Waterproof Backpack with Power Bank Charger

So why buy just any backpack when you can enjoy all the benefits of a rechargeable waterproof backpack with a full one year warranty? We’re now shipping the Trakk Vigor anywhere in the world with FAST shipping and delivery – so no matter where you live, you can now own this durable, quality made travel backpack and fill your life with adventure and discovery.  Order now while supplies last!

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