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S8 PLUS - Protect Your Galaxy S8 PLUS with a Versatile, Waterproof Mobile Phone Case – The Ghostek Atomic 3 Series


Story Behind Our GHOSTEK ATOMIC 3 Waterproof Galaxy S8 PLUS Case | UVIYO Waterproof Cases & Covers Series

Protect Your Galaxy S8 PLUS with a Versatile, Waterproof Mobile Phone Case – The Ghostek Atomic 3 Series

When you’re researching the best Galaxy S8 Plus cases and covers, you’ll find that there’s no shortage of cases claiming to be “lifeproof”. But do they really stand up to the test?  We took a closer look at the Ghostek Atomic 3 to see just how it’s adventure-ready features stand up to your active lifestyle.

Strong, Rugged Bumper Protects from Drops and Falls

The Ghostek Atomic 3 waterproof Galaxy S8 PLUS case is made with a strong, ultra fit aluminum alloy bumper, so it easily absorbs and dissipates the impact from drops, slips and falls while protecting your phone’s delicate electronics, screen and data.  And despite its durable, tactical handling, you’ll still have easy, one-touch access to all buttons and ports – never worry about muffled conversations or music, or the case obscuring your Galaxy S8+ PLUS camera – the Ghostek Atomic 3 blends form and function into a stylish, compact design.

Waterproof, Rainproof and Dirt Proof

In our detailed Ghostek Atomic 3 review, we found that this versatile case is waterproof in up to 1 meter-deep water for up to 30 minutes.  It’s also rain and snow-proof, so you can take it with you to virtually any climate and feel confident that your Galaxy S8+ PLUS stays protected from every angle. Plus, we’re including a FREE heavy-duty touch sensitive screen guard to add a further layer of protection to your Galaxy S8 PLUS mobile phone.

Best Galaxy S8 PLUS Waterproof Case on the market

Now you can not only protect your phone from spills, drops, falls and splashes, but keep dirt, smudges and scratches from ruining your screen.  And don’t worry that the screen guard will interfere with your touch screen – it’s strong enough to repel scratches and dirt, yet easy enough to allow touch sensitive presses and slides. Use your phone just as you always have – the Ghostek Atomic 3 case is ready to keep up with you (and not the other way around!)

Wireless Charging + Touch ID Compatible

One of the most innovative features of the Galaxy S8 Plus is its wireless charging capability. Some cheap Galaxy S8 PLUS cases will interfere with wireless charging, but the Ghostek Atomic 3 lets you charge your phone wirelessly while maintaining simple access to all the buttons and ports. Even with the included screen protector and aluminum alloy frame, your phone retains its touch ID compatibility, so you never have to sacrifice form for function.

Galaxy S8 PLUS Waterproof Case 6 Unique Colors to Choose From

Your Galaxy S8 PLUS is a serious investment in your digital lifestyle – and your mobile case should be a creative reflection of your style. Thankfully, thanks to UVIYO and Ghostek, you can get the Atomic 3 case for S8 Plus in six distinctive colors, including alloy bumpers in red, black, gold, silver, teal and pink. All cases feature a clear back so you’ll know at a glance that your phone is covered from every angle.

So go ahead – make a fashion statement that effortlessly protects your phone and expresses your creativity and style!  It’s possible with the Atomic 3 phone case.

Atomic 3 Lifetime Exchange Warranty

Concerned about your case getting damaged? Don’t be. As an UVIYO customer, you’re protected by our lifetime limited exchange warranty. If for any reason your case should become damaged – even with active use – simply let us know and we’ll exchange it with a new S8 PLUS Atomic 3 case. This way, you can stay confident that your phone is always protected and your digital data is safe from the elements. No other Galaxy S8 PLUS case gives you so much freedom and versatility in one convenient, tactical grade package.

US Local and Worldwide Shipping!

Now, no matter where you live, you can enjoy the rugged, dependable durability of the Ghostek Atomic 3 S8 Plus case. Whether you live in the U.S. or you travel around the world, we ship internationally! That means you never have to worry about impact or trade restrictions when buying a durable, lightweight S8 Plus case – we’ll ship it to your door FAST! Get the color you want, the protection you need and the service you demand. 

Order today and get your new S8 PLUS case the moment they become available – stocks are limited so choose your favorite color and order securely online today!

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