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S8 PLUS - Innovation with Style – Introducing the Galaxy S8+ PLUS Case and 3-Pocket Wallet Combo – The Ghostek EXEC

Story Behind Our GHOSTEK EXEC Leather Wallet Samsung Galaxy S8 PLUS Case | UVIYO Leather Wallet Cases & Covers Series

Innovation with Style – Introducing the Galaxy S8+ PLUS Case and 3-Pocket Wallet Combo – The Ghostek EXEC

If you’re a busy professional, you know how hard it can be making sure that all your STUFF is organized.  Keys? Check. Wallet? Check. Phone?! It can be a lot to manage, on top of your workload.  The Ghostek EXEC is here to help – an innovative wallet and phone case all-in-one.  It’s the first phone case of its kind designed for busy executives who need one less thing to worry about.

The Best of Both Worlds

Unlike most mobile phone and Galaxy S8 Plus cases, which either add unnecessary bulk or aren’t designed to handle the rigors of everyday life, the Ghostek EXEC makes your life easier by bridging the gap between wallet and phone case.  With slim, tight-fitting pockets that easily hold cards along with the legendary durability of Ghostek, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds in one convenient, easy to carry case.  No more fumbling for your wallet, your cards and your phone when this unique mobile phone case lets you carry them all in one place.

Galaxy S8+ PLUS Shock-Resistant Protection

Dependable shock protection with a durable frame and spring bumpers enable the case to absorb the impact – not your Samsung Galaxy S8 plus phone. Now, a sudden slip or drop is nothing to worry about. The moment an impact happens, the bumpers “spring” into action, cushioning the full force of the drop and bouncing up from impact - helping your phone to remain undamaged.

Galaxy S8 PLUS Case with Screen Protector

If you’re concerned about smudges or scratches ruining your touchscreen – don’t be. We’ll even give you a tough S8 Plus screen protector free of charge!  This durable screen protector is designed to give you easy touch access to all your favorite apps and games – without the hassle of heavy presses. It’s the protection your phone deserves along with the ease of use you crave.

Easy Access to All Controls

With many of the Galaxy S8+ PLUS cases on the market, you gain durability but you lose convenience – as the added bulkiness restricts access to must-have controls like volume, or they block your camera or microphone.  Not so with the Ghostek EXEC.  This precision cut case is “like armor for your phone” as one customer put it.  Tight enough to offer protection without obscuring the camera view or blocking buttons or the microphone. Everything you need is right within reach, just as you’d expect it to be.

And don’t worry about this executive case muffling the volume or marring your photos. Everything remains crystal clear and full of color – so you can enjoy the full range of services that your Galaxy S8+ phone delivers, without having your case interfere.

All Your Cards – In the Palm of Your Hand

Beyond the unparalleled durability of the case itself, you’ll find three convenient pockets – great for holding credit cards, IDs or cash right in the palm of your hand.  Slim pockets keep card details hidden from view as well, so your items stay protected and stay close.  Forget fumbling around in your wallet or purse and risk cards slipping out – the EXEC case offers professional grade craftsmanship and style in one convenient combination.

 You can even customize your new executive mobile phone case with your choice of one of five colors – black, brown, red, gold or pink – a great way to make a professional statement that’s uniquely your own.  With UVIYO and Ghostek, you never have to choose between durability and style – because now you can have both.

Ships Worldwide – Lifetime Warranty

If you’ve ever wanted to own a professional mobile phone case for your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus but discovered that they didn’t ship to your country or that shipping charges were too high – you’re in luck! The Galaxy S8+ Plus Wallet Case ships worldwide exclusively from UVIYO and can be delivered to your door no matter where you live! Plus, it comes with a full lifetime warranty. If at any time your executive case is damaged or destroyed, simply let us know and we’ll issue you a new one. We stand behind the quality of the products we carry, and we know you’ll be impressed (and make an impression!) with the Ghostek EXEC.

Order today risk free and get a free ShatterProof screen protector for your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus. It’s our gift to you to help you make the next statement in professional style.


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560 reviews
Good case phone will last inside this case.

So far so good holds phone fast tight and waterproof Better than the lifeprof case I had before. Appears to be heavier build. Closing covers over plug in and headphone appear to be of better quality.
I like the clear back so I can see my phone color. Overall the best case I have ever owned. Better than the otter box and the life prof. But this is just my thoughts much lower cost. As and they communicate with there customers. I ordered two cases before the phone had been released. They let me know only one color was in. And it would be two to four weeks before the other colors were were in. As and did I want to change my order. As my wife and I are handicapped and drop them all the time of course we will take any color who cares. They did get them to us straight away. So far my experience has been above average. New company for me but will stick around and use them again. A+


Fabulous phone never runs flat compatability with everything I use at work and the solar cell is brilliant too waterproof too recommend this product to anyone

Superb casing for my note 8

Worth for the money!

Broken Phone

The camera lens of my pixel 2 broke after dropping it in this case.

Amazing case.

Best case I have for my Pixel 2.