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Protect Your LG G6 Mobile Phone and Keep Important Cards at Hand With the Ghostek EXEC Wallet Case

Story Behind Our GHOSTEK EXEC Leather Wallet LG G6  Case | UVIYO Leather Wallet Cases & Covers Series


Protect Your LG G6 Mobile Phone and Keep Important Cards at Hand With the Ghostek EXEC Wallet Case

As a busy, on-the-go professional, you like having everything close at hand.  But you also want sturdy, dependable protection for your mobile device that won’t interfere with taking or making calls, browsing or taking photos.  Good news – the LG G6 EXEC Wallet Case by Ghostek is the smartphone case for you. Here’s why:

Precision Cut for Ultimate Wraparound Protection

If you own an LG G6, you know how important it is to keep your phone protected.  But at the same time, you don’t want a case that’s heavy or bulky. Not all LG G6 mobile phone cases are created equal. The Ghostek EXEC Wallet Case for LG G6 combines professionalism and style in one convenient, durable case. With its precision cut, wraparound protection, it snugly secures your phone – but that’s not all.

Spring bumpers along the edges ensure that drops and falls won’t turn your phone into a paperweight.  These spring-loaded designs help absorb the impact of a fall, and “spring” into action so that your phone bounces, but doesn’t break.  If you’ve ever dropped a phone and had to deal with a cracked screen, you know how costly and cumbersome it can be to replace.  The Ghostek EXEC LG G6 mobile phone case helps prevent that while adding another layer of protection.

Won’t Interfere With Controls, Microphone or Sound

One of the biggest reasons to consider a Ghostek wallet case for your G6 smartphone is that most cases on the market will add some degree of protection – but calls will be muffled or sound won’t be as clear.  With the Ghostek EXEC, you never have to worry about muddled sound, fading Wi-Fi connections or a muffled microphone.  You get easy, one-touch access to all the buttons and controls you need without having to take off the case.

And the Ghostek EXEC Wallet case is Touch ID compatible, so you can still use your touch screen identification as easily and conveniently as you always have.  We’ll even include a FREE ShatterProof screen protector to help further protect your screen from scratches, smudges, dirt and more. It’s the ultimate, complete protection for your LG G6 mobile device.

Sturdy 3 Pocket Holder Stores Money and Cards Safely

Keep ID cards, credit cards and money secure with the three pocket holder that’s part of the executive mobile phone case.  With room for two cards and cash in a side pocket, you can easily reach the cards you need without fumbling through your purse or wallet. Forget to interrupt calls while digging for change – this top quality executive case has you covered.

Five Amazing Colors to Suit Your Style

One of the best reasons to buy a professional grade mobile phone case for your LG G6 is the style!  With five incredibly detailed colors: sleek black, earthy brown, vibrant red, luxurious gold or stunning pink, you can choose the color that perfectly accentuates your style or mood.  Mix and match your favorite colors or coordinate your outfits for the week with your phone case. No matter what your style – there’s an LG G6 phone case that matches your busy executive life.

Lifetime Warranty – Ships Worldwide!

Whether you live across the U.S. or around the world, you’ll be glad to know that the LG G6 EXEC case ships right to your door – fast!  Never again worry about not getting the color you want because “this case is unavailable in your country”.  Thanks to an exclusive deal through UVIYO – you can get the case and the color you want, shipped anywhere in the world.

Free Ghostek EXEC LG G6 Screen Protector

Plus, in addition to the FREE touch screen protector included with your order, you’ll also enjoy UVIYO’s lifetime warranty.  We’re so confident that your new LG G6 mobile phone case will exceed your expectations that if for any reason your case becomes damaged, we’ll send you a brand new one thanks to our lifetime limited exchange warranty.

Ghostek EXEC LG G6 Wallet Case Review

Now you can finally keep your cash, IDs and credit cards within reach while making a professional impression without a bulky, cumbersome mobile phone case.  Keep your new LG G6 phone surrounded in style and solid spring bumper protection while preventing accidental drops and falls. Add in the ShatterProof screen protector you get FREE when you order today and you’ll have an LG phone case that’s thoroughly protected from every angle.

Order today and get your hands on this stylish, durable and professional-grade Ghostek case – shipped worldwide direct from UVIYO!

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