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Go Anywhere with the Dependability of the Atomic 3 iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case from Ghostek


Story Behind Our GHOSTEK ATOMIC 3 Waterproof iPhone 7 PLUS Case | UVIYO Waterproof Cases & Covers Series

Go Anywhere with the Dependability of the Atomic 3 iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case from Ghostek

Wherever life takes you, and whatever the weather throws at you, you can be prepared with the Atomic 3 waterproof case for iPhone 7 Plus, from Ghostek. Tested and proven to perform in up to 1 meter deep water for up to 10 minutes, your contacts, photos, music and more will stay safe and protected in this sleek, form-fitting waterproof case design.

In addition to being lightweight, this versatile case is also dustproof, snow-proof and dropproof – the ultimate combination of protection for an active lifestyle.  With heavy-duty aluminum alloy bumpers that are designed to withstand the impact of a fall or sudden drop, you can rest assured that your iPhone 7 Plus stays protected from every angle.

Rugged, Tactical, Dependable.

With its enhanced and streamlined tactical-grade design, the Atomic 7 iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case is shockproof, dirt-proof and dust-proof.  The heavy duty touch-sensitive screen guard, included as your free gift from UVIYO, helps prevent smudges and scratches. Thanks to the tight, ultra fit design, you’ll be able to enjoy your digital life to the fullest while capturing and savoring every moment.

All of this without interfering with your access to must-have buttons and controls.  Your camera photos are crystal clear, your mic is easy to access with no muffled sound. You can adjust the volume at the push of a button.  Enjoy the adventure without worrying about damaging your iPhone 7 Plus – it’s possible with a waterproof, rugged case from Ghostek and UVIYO.

Best On The Market iPhone 7 PLUS Case

Most so-called “Lifeproof” cases on the market are bulky, heavy, expensive or they obscure speakers or the microphone, so your phone is protected, but you can’t hear well and the person you’re speaking to can’t hear you.  Ghostek has designed their iPhone 7 Plus case to solve this common issue, so conversations and music are clear and easy to hear.  The phone case also won’t interfere with your internet or wi-fi signal, so you can browse, watch movies, play games and more without worrying that your case will cause a sluggish connection.

Stylish and Customizable

While the rugged, non-slip grip protects your phone, you’ll also enjoy greater customizability with stylish colored back plates in red, black, silver, gold, pink and teal. If you’ve ever wanted to coordinate your iPhone 7 Plus with your outfit or accessories, now you can – and keep it protected too!  This unique waterproof case is specifically designed to fit an iPhone 7 Plus – so it’s not bulky or difficult to hold.  You get all the benefits of a sleek, stylish and strong design in one perfectly form-fitting and functional package. Plus with a variety of colors to choose from, you’ll enjoy attractive, coordinated designs that look great and keep your iPhone 7 Plus protected every step of the way.

For All of Life’s Adventures and Any Activity

Concerned about how long your case will last?  No need to worry.  If your case gets damaged at any time, you can feel confident in the security of our Lifetime Warranty. We’ll replace your case with a brand new iPhone 7 Plus Waterproof Case from Ghostek at no extra charge.  That’s UVIYO’s commitment to you as our customer.

Now Shipping Worldwide!

No matter where you live, you can enjoy hassle-free, fast shipping and delivery right to your door thanks to our worldwide shipping.  From across the U.S. to around the world or wherever your globe-trotting adventures take you, your iPhone 7 Plus is always protected from slips, falls, spills and the elements.  

No other iPhone 7 Plus waterproof case comes close to the protection and peace of mind you’ll get from the Ghostek Atomic 3. See why it’s one of our most popular waterproof cases for iPhone 7+PLUS, then customize yours with the perfect color.  Just don’t be surprised if friends and family ask you about your new waterproof case. Many of our customers refer others to us simply because of the reliability and dependability of the cases we carry. 

iPhone 7 PLUS Case with Screen Guard Protection

The iPhone 7 Plus is a serious investment – make sure yours stays protected from whatever life throws your way. The Ghostek Atomic 3 is the ultimate waterproof (and “lifeproof”) cover for all your needs. It’s sturdy armor for your phone – without the heaviness and bulk.  Order yours today and get fast, convenient shipping to anywhere in the world, and get a FREE screen protector for added defense against dust, scratches, and smudges.


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560 reviews
Good case phone will last inside this case.

So far so good holds phone fast tight and waterproof Better than the lifeprof case I had before. Appears to be heavier build. Closing covers over plug in and headphone appear to be of better quality.
I like the clear back so I can see my phone color. Overall the best case I have ever owned. Better than the otter box and the life prof. But this is just my thoughts much lower cost. As and they communicate with there customers. I ordered two cases before the phone had been released. They let me know only one color was in. And it would be two to four weeks before the other colors were were in. As and did I want to change my order. As my wife and I are handicapped and drop them all the time of course we will take any color who cares. They did get them to us straight away. So far my experience has been above average. New company for me but will stick around and use them again. A+


Fabulous phone never runs flat compatability with everything I use at work and the solar cell is brilliant too waterproof too recommend this product to anyone

Superb casing for my note 8

Worth for the money!

Broken Phone

The camera lens of my pixel 2 broke after dropping it in this case.

Amazing case.

Best case I have for my Pixel 2.