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Ghostek Atomic 3 Review: The Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 7


Story Behind Our GHOSTEK ATOMIC 3 Waterproof, Shatterproof, Dropproof & Showerproof Apple iPhone 7 Case | UVIYO Waterproof Cases & Covers Series

Ghostek Atomic 3 Review: The Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 7

When it comes to waterproof cases for iPhone 7, it’s hard to beat the Ghostek Atomic 3. Built exclusively for, and precision cut to fit the iPhone 7, this rugged, waterproof case gets top marks for its slim design, waterproof capability and much more. See all the details in our in-depth Ghostek 3 Atomic for iPhone 7 review.

Certified Waterproof iPhone 7 Case

One of the most important things you’ll want to look for when buying an iPhone 7 cover is whether or not that case is waterproof or water-resistant. Water-resistant iPhone 7 phone cases may repel some water from spills and splashes, but you’re taking a chance.  Do you really want to gamble with the data and photos on your iPhone 7?  With the Ghostek Atomic, you won’t. This versatile case for iPhone 7 is fully waterproof and IP68 certified, which means it meets the rigorous guidelines and standards required to carry the waterproof and dustproof feature.

Look for this certification when buying an iPhone 7 waterproof case, as this means the iPhone 7 case has been tested in water up to 1 meter deep for up to 30 minutes. So whether you accidentally spill something on your iPhone 7, or you leap into the pool and your phone is still in your pocket, you can rest assured that you’ll stay protected with the rugged durability of the Ghostek Atomic 3.

Strong, Rugged Aluminum Alloy Bumper Absorbs Impacts

In addition to being waterproof, the Ghostek Atomic 3 is also shockproof, dirtproof and dustproof. The specialized aluminum alloy bumper is designed to provide rugged, durable protection against drops, slips, and falls. This allows the bumper to absorb the shock while protecting your valuable data and photos.

All of this while still allowing you to easily access buttons, ports, and controls.  No more fumbling to get your iPhone 7 in and out of the case.  Now your iPhone 7 can stay protected from the elements as well as accidents, thanks to the solid armor casing of the Ghostek Atomic 3.

FREE Screen Guard + Six Colors to Choose From

In addition to the unsurpassed durability of this waterproof iPhone 7 case, you’ll also get a FREE touch sensitive, heavy duty screen guard when you order from UVIYO today.  Protect your iPhone 7 even more without compromising Touch ID compatibility thanks to the added screen protector. Now dirt, smudges, and fingerprints won’t stand a chance!

Plus, when you order today, you can choose from one of six creative colors. Our red case for iPhone 7 is a popular choice, but you can also choose from teal, black, silver, gold and pink.  Let the gorgeous aesthetic of your iPhone 7 show through while expressing your individuality. Now you no longer have to sacrifice the look of your iPhone 7 for thorough, complete, 360-degree case coverage. With the Ghostek Atomic 3, you can have the best of both worlds!

Now Shipping Internationally + Lifetime Exchange Warranty

When you order today, not only will you get to choose any of these mesmerizing colors, but you’ll also be backed by our full Lifetime Exchange Warranty. This means no matter where life takes you, you can be confident that your Ghostek Atomic 3 waterproof iPhone cover will stand the test of time and durability with unprecedented protection from every angle.

If for any reason your iPhone 7 case should become damaged, simply let us know and we’ll exchange it for a new one.  That’s the kind of reliability you can count on – only from Ghostek and UVIYO.

Shatterproof, Dropproof & Showerproof Protection for iPhone 7

Plus, we’re now shipping these durable iPhone 7 cases worldwide.  Now, no matter if you live across the country or across the ocean, you can own the latest in waterproof iPhone 7 cases. Order today and enjoy fast shipping and delivery on the most popular iPhone 7 case on the market today. It’s easy to keep your phone safe and protected when you own the most rugged, slim armor and the Ghostek Atomic 3 delivers this kind of hybrid protection without affecting the well-known aesthetic that makes the iPhone 7 so remarkable.

Order securely online today and we’ll rush your new case to you!

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