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Durable, Tactical Grade, Ultra Fit Protection with Screen Protector for Your LG G6 Mobile Phone


Story Behind Our GHOSTEK CLOAK 2 Rugged Slim LG G6 Case with Screen protector | UVIYO Rugged Slim Cases & Covers Series

Durable, Tactical Grade, Ultra Fit Protection with Screen Protector for Your LG G6 Mobile Phone

If you’re looking for a durable, ultra fit, slim style case for your LG G6 mobile phone, but you don’t want to compromise on safety or functionality – look no further. The Ghostek Cloak 2 LG G6 tough case offers a rugged, protective “hybrid armor” that refuses to sacrifice strength for slim aesthetics. Instead, you get the best of both worlds. Keep reading below for our full Ghostek Cloak 2 Case review for LG G6.

Ghostek CLOAK 2 Precision Design – Made in New York

If you’re in the market for a strong case that provides your LG G6 with exceptional protection but you still want a slim fit “thin” case design, you’ll love the aesthetics of the Ghostek Cloak 2 case for LG G6. It envelopes your LG G6 in a tight-fitting yet exceptionally light coverage, giving you unbeatable protection in a compact, sturdy case.  Plus, it’s made in New York so you can always be assured of being on trend with the very latest style.

Complete Access and Easy Control of All Ports, Jacks and Buttons

Many rugged cases obscure your camera, speaker or controls, but our detailed in depth look at the Ghostek Cloak 2 case shows that this isn’t the case with this protective LG G6 case.  You have complete one touch access to all buttons and ports, while maintaining durability and complete protection in a slim, hybrid “armor like” case.  Never worry about your case interfering with your connection, call quality or music. It’s precision cut to fit the LG G6 – without the bulkiness or heaviness.

Rugged Aluminum Frame and TPU Shell for Impact Absorption

The Ghostek Cloak 2 case is engineered from the latest in durable hybrid technology. Thanks to its rugged aluminum frame and TPU shell, it’s built from the inside out to absorb impacts from slips, falls and drops.  The impact from a fall travels along the aluminum frame and is absorbed by the hybrid TPU shell – protecting the delicate electronics and data that power your LG G6 mobile device.

And because the case is designed with hybrid technology, you get tactical grade protection without bulkiness or heaviness. The slim TPU shell and aluminum frame are designed to look slim but provide added protection for your LG G6.

LG G6 Case CLOAK 2 Series Six Stylish Colors to Choose From

From stunning red to fun-loving teal, you can express yourself with style and creativity thanks to customizable alloy bumpers in six cool, confident colors. At UVIYO, we believe your LG G6 mobile phone case should effortlessly express your mood.  Thanks to a wide range of color options, you can now find the phone case that perfectly fits your style and personality. Who says you have to sacrifice form for function? With the Ghostek Cloak 2, you can have both!

Limited Lifetime Exchange Warranty

If you’re looking to buy a Ghostek Cloak 2, there’s no better place to buy than securely online from UVIYO.  Not only are we giving you a full limited lifetime exchange warranty but we also ship worldwide! If something happens to your new LG G6 Cloak 2 case, simply let us know and we’ll exchange it with a brand new one. It’s just another way that we’re committed to your complete satisfaction!

UVIYO Provides Worldwide and U.S. Local Shipping

And now, no matter where you live, UVIYO is there for you, providing a rugged, dependable Cloak 2 case for your LG G6 anywhere in the world.  We’ll even give you a FREE Touch ID compatible screen protector. It’s unattached to your case, so you can protect your screen from smudges, dirt and fingerprints. You’ve made a serious investment in your mobile phone – let UVIYO and Ghostek help you protect it even more!

Ghostek CLOAK 2 Series LG G6 Case Review

When you order your LG G6 mobile phone case through UVIYO, we’ll rush your new Ghostek Cloak 2 case right to your door – FAST – anywhere in the world! Enjoy the beauty of a slim, crystal clear case along with added durability that’s precisely cut to fit your LG G6 while delivering protection and strength from every angle.  Discover the latest in mobile phone case technology from Ghostek and get the very best in complete phone protection against slips, falls and drops.  Order today with confidence from UVIYO and save big!

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