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Durable, Tactical Grade Protection for Your Moto Z Force Phone – the Ghostek CLOAK 2


Story Behind Our GHOSTEK CLOAK 2 Durable Slim Motorola MOTO Z FORCE Case | UVIYO Rugged Slim Cases & Covers Series


Durable, Tactical Grade Protection for Your Moto Z Force Phone – the Ghostek CLOAK 2 

No matter what adventure life takes you on, with the Cloak 2 by Ghostek for Your Moto Z Force – you’ll be prepared from every angle.  This fluid, all-encompassing design wraps around your phone with precision and durability, so you can enjoy tactical grade, solid and rugged protection without sacrificing style or function.  Let’s take a closer look at the latest in Moto Z Force phone cases:

Ultra Slim Fit Protection Surrounds Your Phone in Style

Combining form and function into one slim body case, the Cloak 2 envelopes your Moto Z Force mobile phone in crystal clear, yet ultra rugged “armor” that acts as a shield against scratches, drops, slips and falls. Thanks to its slim design, this gorgeous case retains its aesthetic appeal (it is designed in New York, after all), while delivering unparalleled durability.  We’re even including a FREE touch sensitive screen protector for your Moto Z Force, so you can further shield your phone from dirt, smudges, and scratches.

Rugged, Dependable Aluminum Frame and TPU Slim Body

Don’t let appearances deceive you.  The Cloak 2 hides an impressive solid frame underneath its sleek and slim exterior.  This, along with the TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) provides the very latest in superior hybrid phone case material.  It’s dense yet smooth and lightweight, durable yet sleek, and delivers the best of both worlds when it comes to strength, stability and lightweight design.

Six Mesmerizing Colors to Fit Your Style

The Cloak 2 case for the Moto Z Force comes in a wide range of colors to suit your mood and style.  They include alluring gold, sexy black, stunning silver, sleek red, gorgeous teal and pastel pink. Don’t be surprised if you decide to stock up on multiple Cloak 2 cases for your Moto Z Force because you can’t decide on the color you want – we won’t reveal your secret! 

Ghostek CLOAK 2 Shock Absorbent Design

One of the major features that sets the Cloak 2 case apart from other Moto Z Force mobile phone cases is its shock-absorbent design. Thanks to its sturdy TPU and aluminum frame, even if you drop your phone, it stays protected.  This is because the aluminum frame absorbs the impact, which is then disseminated through the TPU hybrid material – leaving the Moto Z Force’s delicate electronics untouched and undamaged.

Moto Z Force Screen Protector

And to further protect against dust, smudges and scratches, don’t forget that we’re also giving you a FREE screen protector. Use your touch screen to the fullest without worrying about sticky fingerprints obscuring your view.  And the Cloak 2 case is designed in such a way that you’ll still enjoy ample freedom to change the volume, take calls and make calls with ease. Speakers, microphone, and all related buttons are unobstructed by the case – giving you complete control over every aspect of the phone while providing you with the best in mobile phone case style and protection.

US and International Shipping

If you’re the proud owner of a Motorola Moto Z Force phone and need a reliable, dependable case that looks as good as it works – you’re in luck.  UVIYO is now shipping Ghostek Cloak 2 cases for Moto Z mobile phones worldwide!  This means you can get your hands on a brand new Cloak 2 case in any color you want – no matter where you live!  We ship across the U.S. and around the world, so you never have to worry about the color or style you want is out of stock or unavailable because of import restrictions – we’d be delighted to ship this new Moto Z Force case direct to your door, and fast!

Lifetime Exchange Warranty

Your new Cloak 2 Motorola Moto Z Force phone case is also protected automatically by our Lifetime Exchange Warranty.  No matter where you go, your phone stays protected with the robust, rugged and dependable tactical-grade protection offered by the Cloak 2.  And if something should happen to your case during your adventures – simply let us know and we’ll send you a new one – no matter where you live!

Ghostek CLOAK 2 Moto Z Force Case Review

It’s a small but nevertheless important gesture to demonstrate how UVIYO is committed to complete customer satisfaction. Protect your investment in the new Moto Z Force phone with a case that’s as unique as you are! Get slim, lightweight protection without heaviness or bulkiness – and get it delivered worldwide.  It’s possible with UVIYO and Ghostek!


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Good case phone will last inside this case.

So far so good holds phone fast tight and waterproof Better than the lifeprof case I had before. Appears to be heavier build. Closing covers over plug in and headphone appear to be of better quality.
I like the clear back so I can see my phone color. Overall the best case I have ever owned. Better than the otter box and the life prof. But this is just my thoughts much lower cost. As and they communicate with there customers. I ordered two cases before the phone had been released. They let me know only one color was in. And it would be two to four weeks before the other colors were were in. As and did I want to change my order. As my wife and I are handicapped and drop them all the time of course we will take any color who cares. They did get them to us straight away. So far my experience has been above average. New company for me but will stick around and use them again. A+


Fabulous phone never runs flat compatability with everything I use at work and the solar cell is brilliant too waterproof too recommend this product to anyone

Superb casing for my note 8

Worth for the money!

Broken Phone

The camera lens of my pixel 2 broke after dropping it in this case.

Amazing case.

Best case I have for my Pixel 2.