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Easily Prevent Phone Disasters with Waterproof Cases

I used to be an advocate for naked phones. I always thought that the phone’s designers had a naked experience in mind and that experience is obviously the best. It’s the right size. You can admire the beveled edges. I had a naked phone for years, until my latest upgrade.

Naked isn’t as Fun as it Sounds

When I switched phones I decided I lived life on the edge long enough. I opted for waterproof case, because if I’m going to ruin the naked experience of my new Samsung Galaxy S7, I’m going to be certain the phone is safe from everything!

3 days after getting the phone, while getting out of my car it fell from my pocket into a muddy puddle. It laid there for 15 minutes before I realized it was missing! I panicked when I saw it laying there, rushed it into the house and into the loving care of a roll of paper towel. The phone still worked perfectly and the case was cleaned with a little soap and water.

It Almost Happened to Me

With no damage to my naked phones for years, you know I am the type of person who takes the utmost care of my phone. So if a muddy puddle can get to my phone, you know it can get to yours!

If you’re as worried as I about the phone’s experience being as close to naked as possible, new technologies in plastics and case design make for super-sleek experiences. Cases like the Ghostek cases provided by UVIYO are made with shock-absorbing thermoplastic polyurethanes which keep your screen safe from chips and the shell from cracks. Yes! Cases do much more than just protect from water damage, including shock absorption!

My wife uses her cases to keep her phone up-to date with the latest fashions. Cases are much cheaper than new phones, thankfully, and she swaps it monthly. New colors, new styles, new experiences – cases change enough that she’s always asked how she always has a new phone! She absolutely loves her little secret.

Do you have a naked phone? With spring here, the rain has begun and phone killing dangers lurk everywhere. Summer has even more dangers with pool parties and beach vacations on the agenda, so it’s probably time for you to protect your most-used device with an inexpensive uviyo case.


Author: Ricky D. McKim

Occupation: Smartphone Devices Expert

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