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AT Player - Free Music Player: Taking Your Youtube Experience to another Level

The saying, “there is a song for every mood” has been proven beyond doubt. But in our contemporary technology-driven society, you won’t realize that it goes beyond just a music for every mood unless you lay your hands on a state of the art mobile application like “Free Music Player”. You can get it here Free Music Player Mobile App. In fact, you will discover that there are tons of music lined up and waiting to be enjoyed for every mood you find yourself. You may be wondering how many people have been enjoying free access to the countless music? Millions of users who have discovered the unlimited quality musical experience that Free Music Player has to offer are already utilizing the rare opportunity. You can’t afford to wait any minute more before you join the set of smart users to enjoy free access to unlimited music on Free Music Player also known as AT Player.

Guess what? AT Player offers you beyond just music, you also have free access to millions of youtube videos. With this wonderful mobile application, the need to be going around with multiple applications for music and videos has been smartly eliminated. All thanks to Free Music Player. You can now download AT Player alone and be rest assured that you have limitless access to millions of music and videos on your android smartphone. With all the loads of amazing features, Free Music Player is offering, you may be tempted to think it comes with a price. But on the contrary, everything is absolutely free. Ranging from the free multi-tasking feature, equalizer, high-quality video mode, lyrics, to the auto backup and numerous other features, AT Player comes to you free of charge and it does not require any account, no login, and no purchase.

AT PLayer Free Music Player Android App

Key Features

The developers of Free Music Player have carried out intensive research about missing features in some related mobile applications and have integrated various functions to give you one of the best android applications you can ever get on this planet. AT Player has been designed in a manner that makes it key in perfectly into your day to day activities, irrespective of the social class you belong. It is designed to offer you access to free video streaming from the richest compilation of videos in the most convenient way that won’t interfere with the smooth running of other Android applications on your phone. Have you ever been in a long search of an old music without finding it? Install Free Music Player on your Android device and type the music title, you will be amazed by the immense collection of music you have free access to on free Music Player. It also opens to you an access to the most comprehensive free videos collection on youtube while giving you more control and flexibility than what youtube video application will offer you. The following are the key features of Free Music Player.

  • Free access to all-around music

No android application has ever given this much free access and control to the immense collection of music that cuts across all genres of music as AT Player. You can enjoy live music via radio streaming and also search for your favorite tracks with ease. You can personalize your playlist to your own preference of albums and artist. Music search has never been easier than this, Free Music Player utilizes an advanced algorithm to offer you incredible search results whenever you search for your favorite tracks. One of the users simply described its design as “beautifully executed”.

  • Free video streaming

Free Music Player gives you unlimited free access to youtube videos which houses the most comprehensive collection of videos. You can choose to enjoy your videos using any mode including the high-quality video mode. The free video experience you get from this application is superb. You have millions of videos at your fingertips. AT Player offers you amazing search results for videos and gives you intelligent suggestions according to your preference. Unlike the conventional youtube application, you can be watching videos on Free Music Player and be doing other things on your phone simultaneously. With the advanced and fast functions, this app has to offer you, the need for download and huge disk space has been eliminated because now you can simply pick up your mobile device and stream your favorite music videos and other clips anytime and anywhere.

AT PLayer Free Music Player Mobile App
  • Advanced Equalizer

Gone are the days when you are not guaranteed of quality sound output while streaming audio and videos. Free Music Player has brought advanced quality sound output to you with its exceptionally designed equalizer. Now you can enhance the sound quality of your music irrespective of the source from which you are streaming. Hip-hop lovers will definitely enjoy the bass boost function of the equalizer. The design of AT Player has taken further steps forward to give you maximum pleasure from your music by making you feel as if you are right there in the studio. The graphical display of the equalizer is simply superb and appealing, you can never love it less.

AT PLayer Free Music Player Android App Equalizer

  • Flexible playlists

An amazing feature about Free Music Player is the way it allows you customize your playlist. You can easily re-arrange your playlist, from there, you can just simply tap on any track and start enjoying your music. Furthermore, your playlist can be backed up and sent by email. AT Player offers you more convenience by keeping an editable history of tracks played and it remembers the last playlist and position in case the app is restarted. Besides that, it's very easy to browse through popular and trending songs in various genres, daily updated top charts, and weekly top playlists to make sure you find the song suiting any mood or activity. Furthermore, there is an option for you to import personal youtube playlists. The wonderful customizable playlist experience that Free Music Player gives you will make you the boss in charge of your own entertainment. A user of this app once said: “It gives me joy when I stream the best of my music into the amazing playlist of Free Music Player which I can lay my hands on any time I like”.

  • Smart Search

With Free Music Player, you now have millions of music and videos at your fingertips. You can search for any music and get it within seconds, all thanks to the special algorithm incorporated into the programming of this application. It offers you amazing results. The search functionality is very efficient and it provides smart suggestions as you type. You can quickly scan for any song or do the search for the related playlists which can be done conveniently. The search function is very intelligent. It predicts and personalizes music search results. It usually returns results of the exact songs, artists, genres, covers, concerts, and live shows you are most interested in. Furthermore, the AT Player usually helps you to find new artists and genres or some unusual covers of famous tracks.

What makes Free Music Player Unique when compared to Youtube Application?

One of the major reasons why Free Music Player is widely accepted by millions of users is because of the bulk of exceptionally intelligent features that gives it an edge over the conventional youtube application and other related applications. The youtube videos experience you will derive from this application is absolutely superb and cannot be matched with any other application in this niche. Some of the exceptionally unique features of AT Player are discussed below.

  • Local/Offline music mode

If you have been a user of the traditional youtube application, you will definitely know that you can’t download audios and videos. In fact, youtube’s terms of service prohibit downloading of content. But when you have AT Player on your phone, this doesn’t have to bother you. AT Player features the offline/local connection to provide music playback even when there is no connectivity. Using local music mode you will enjoy all state of the art music player features like: 5 bands powerful equalizer with numerous presets, bass boost, reverb effects, and local music background playback. Local music is being scanned on a regular basis and placed automatically in the library.

  • Ability to multitask

You will agree with me that it can be very annoying when you are unable to enjoy good music or video simultaneously as you are playing a game or running other apps on your device. Several users of youtube app have complained about this. But with the innovative design of Free Music Player, you have nothing to worry about. AT Player will efficiently offer you a smoothly rocking music experience in the background while you are enjoying games and other apps on your phone. With the groundbreaking design of AT Player, you can now be rest assured that you can watch youtube videos without having any disruption by any other running application. Free Music Player has been designed to run smartly on your device without interfering with other application. The multitasking experience you will enjoy on AT Player can be rarely found elsewhere.

One of the fascinating designs of this application is the floating popup player which keeps entertainment readily available and controllable at your fingertips. It is very convenient to use during gaming, texting and even during navigation. Your listening experience is also complemented by watching related video clips. Sometimes it could be inconvenient though, for such cases, there is a special minimize functionality through which the player popup can be closed momentarily and playback will be paused. However, it's always possible to resume music from the notification area or by going back to the app. Popup player is also well integrated into the system and it doesn’t obscure the notification area when this area is in expanded mode. What a smart design!

  • Relatively small application size and better performance

With a size that is less than 8mb, Free Music Player has been designed to occupy a minimal disk space on your device and yet runs smoothly without any hitch. This size makes it not only smaller than youtube application but also smaller than most other music players out there. AT Player is also better optimized for smart performance on the slow device. All thanks to the intelligent design. You can now be rest assured that even if your device is slow, you can still run AT Player efficiently on it. It is not necessary for you to have a bulky RAM before you can smoothly run AT Player.

Pros and Cons

Considering loads of amazing features Free Music Player has to offer, discussing its pros here won’t be an overstatement but it will rather be a repetition. But let us briefly take a look at the con about the application.

  • Advertisement

Although the app is free it shows ads in music lists, though the ads are not overwhelming. It also has the full-screen ad but it is displayed once and only once per application session. In other words, when a user starts and has not closed the app the user will not see the full-screen ad anymore. This way the ads are non-intrusive.

What’s new?

Prior to this moment, Free Music Player had a premium package in which users are required to pay a token to enjoy some additional features that go beyond those being offered in a free version. These additional features include;

  • Advanced bookmarks
  • Scrobbling
  • Lyrics integration
  • Sleep Timer
  • No ads
  • Music recognition

But the good news now is that; as of June 7 2018, a new version of AT Player has been created which has made all paid premium and subscriptions available for free. Wow! This now implies that users can use all the premium functionality for free. Download Free Youtube Music Player Android App

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