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I used to be an advocate for naked phones. I always thought that the phone’s designers had a naked experience in mind and that experience is obviously the best. It’s the right size. You can admire the beveled edges. I had a naked phone for years, until my latest upgrade. Naked isn’t as Fun as it Sounds When I switched phones I decided I lived life on the edge long enough. I opted for waterproof case, because if I’m going to ruin the naked experience of my new Samsung Galaxy S7, I’m going to be certain the phone is safe...

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To cover, or not to cover – that is an ongoing debate in the world of smartphones. At UVIYO, we don’t like to see a smartphone in its birthday suit! Therefore, we bring to you the top three reasons why you should invest in a Ghostek protective case from our store: Let your phone reflect your individuality. A device that holds all your contact details, game high scores, and precious photographs is a star in its own right. Does it match your shoes? You do want to be able to tell your phone apart from the other handsets at a...

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Best Waterproof Cases for Sale with Atomic 2.0 Case Technology. 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water. However, almost 100% of smartphones save for a few notable exceptions are able to survive even the briefest submersion. If you’ve ever sat patiently with your phone in a bag of white rice, hoping against hope that it would miraculously power on when you took it out then you know how devastating water can be to the functioning of smartphones. Fortunately, there is a solution. uViyo waterproof cases are among the best waterproof phone cases for sale today and are designed...

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